• Action Plan
    Area Assets

    Goal #1 Build Strong Neighborhoods with Diverse Participation
    GOAL 1.  Build Strong Neighborhoods with Diverse Participation: Reduce threats to public safety and foster resident-based initiatives.
    1.1) Improve communication to community areas with neighborhood watch programs through: reporting of crimes, building relationships with police department, and providing materials in Spanish (native languages)
    • Officer Dave Neil will send out start dates of Citizen Academy to promote; Erik H is interested in enrolling.
    • Block Watch material will be requested to be translated into Spanish by Dave.
    • Dave, Randy, Erik and Katie will discuss strategies to increase police/resident connections (i.e. incentives/neighborhood resource fairs, monthly crime and safety meetings to generate continual buy-in).
    1.2) Offer educational programs to empower low-moderate income youth and families, providing resources supportive of community building efforts. Promotion of the following resources would be beneficial for residents:
    • Public Library offers GALE Online Courses offered with library card (6 week sessions)-Karol K 
    • Info on housing resources
    • Group can conduct door knocking to raise awareness of existing opportunities.
    1.3) Work with the police when there are issues, particularly ones that would fall under Chapter 823 of the State of Wisconsin Statutes (Nuisances) and taking appropriate action not only against tenants but owners too. 
    • Further explore Chapter 12 of city ordinances and WI Chapter 823 on nuisance and code compliance: Jeff, Dave and Erik P.
    • Discussion raised community questions on why citations are or are not given for offenses. Traditionally (1970s) nuisance laws helped with rat/vermin infestations/causes. Nowadays, what “nuisances’ are being prosecuted?
    Goal #2 Increase Attractiveness for Neighborhood Investment
    GOAL 2. Increase Attractiveness for Neighborhood Investment (visitors, families & businesses)
    2.1) Partner with Carroll University and Waukesha Memorial Hospital to encourage employees/students to purchase homes within the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas by: 
    • Providing financial incentives for families purchasing owner occupied housing (contingent upon remaining in the home for at least 5 years).
    • Partnering with City to support and promote exterior improvements of owner occupied and rental properties to include lighting and paving parking lots for rental units.
    2.2) Improve exterior property conditions and address behaviors of renters at Rooming Houses: 
    • Work (if exists) with county rooming house council to implement mandated inspections, clarify and address challenging behaviors of tenants.
    • Engage rental and owner occupied housing to update exterior conditions of rooming houses
    • Apply for grant money and using other financial resources (such as the City’s Housing Development Action Grants) to incentivize conversion to efficiency or 1 bedroom units. (Jeff F, marketing of incentives)
    • Implement mandated inspections program of rooming houses.
    • Update zoning ordinances to exclude rooming houses as permitted and conditional uses in zoning districts around downtown (similar to what City of Waukesha did with the B-2 Central Business District) and over time they may be phased out.
    Goal #3 Collectively Address Root Causes of Decline
    GOAL 3. Collectively Address Root Causes of Decline, e.g. Oversupply of rental properties:
    3.1) Attract development of new single family housing (ex: new residential housing on former YWCA parcel). 
    • Jeff, Vicky, Erik H and Ron are interested in working together on this
    • Team will assess potential sites and report information
    3.2) Support incentives to convert rentals back to single family/owner occupied (Also no interest exterior improvement grants to LMI owner occupied)
    • Vicky, Ron, Erik H and Jeff F to develop and implement this strategy to enhance existing efforts
    3.3) Enhance licensing and inspection of rooming houses include a required tenant registry and requiring owners of rooming houses, and appoint an agent/sole point of contact living in the area as the person responsible for the property. 
    • The designated agent must be available to be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • The agent is the party designated to receive all notices from the City concerning the use of the property (e.g. other cities around the country).
    Goal #4 Expand Economic Opportunities for Low-Moderate Income Residents
    GOAL 4. Expand Economic Opportunities for Low-Moderate Income Residents by Supporting Small Businesses that Produce Jobs
    4.1) Support Central Business District with an access point to existing resources, loans and technical assistance (e.g. marketing gaps and service gaps), and strengthen small businesses and the Farmers’ Market’s ability to overcome obstacles that restrict business growth.
    • Partners include WWBICC, Mary Jane, Jeff w/ City, UW-Extension and Dionisia
    4.2) Facilitate networking through a small business web and email network for information sharing- link to central hub about business activity.
    • Erik, Mary Jane and Jeff F will assist development

    Small Businesses
    WurkHub Waukesha
    A community co-working space for creative minds, innovative individuals & local businesses in the Waukesha area.

    Rochester Deli
    Traditional deli sandwiches, made from scratch soups, salads, and scrumptious desserts served in a warm nostalgic atmosphere.

    Paws for a Moment
    A full service dog and cat salon in downtown Waukesha.

    Offering a unique and innovative assortment and blend of vintage, new, recycled, re-purposed, furniture, antiques, home decor and fashion accessories.
    Dunbar Oaks Neighborhood Association
    Official Site 
    Dunbar Oaks - Building a safe and flourishing community at the heart of Waukesha.
    Library, Service Providers, & Religious Organizations
    Waukesha Public Library
    It is the vision of the Waukesha Public Library to provide a welcoming and dynamic environment where citizens of all ages can find the inspiration, ideas, and information necessary to achieve their full potential.

    St Luke's Lutheran Church 
    Helping people make a life-changing connection with Jesus Christ, St Luke's is a faith community committed to connecting, growing, and serving.

    James Place 
    Extending faith, hope, and life to people living in difficult circumstances.

    Hope Center 
    Hope Center has been serving the basic needs of financial assistance, food, and clothing in Waukesha County for more that twenty years.

    The Women's Center
    Providing safety, shelter, and support to women and their families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse, and to facilitate their development.

    Housing Resources Inc
    Empowers people to live their dream of successful home ownership through education, advocacy and supportive services.

    Safe Babies Healthy Families
    Ensuring safe and healthy children through education, support and resources - ultimately breaking destructive cycles that can last for generations.

    Waukesha Community Arts Project
    Helping adolescents reach their own potential by developing self-expression, creativity, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and community involvement through quality after-school art experiences.

    Les Paul Middle School & Carroll University
    Les Paul Middle School 
    Educating students by providing access to quality education with high academic standards in a personally safe, diverse and inclusionary environment.

    Carroll University
    Carroll combines the best of a rich heritage with state-of-the-art technology and a vibrant academic experience.

    Cutler Park
    This park, oldest in the system, located adjacent to the Downtown Business District has the feel of a Town Square.

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