Waukesha County

The Purchasing Division manages County surplus property.  Surplus or obsolete property is managed and disposed of by the method most advantageous and cost effective to the County including re-allocation from one County department to another, sale, donation, salvage, recycling and trash. 

SALE may be through means of direct best offer, highest bid or public auction.  The County frequently utilizes the online auction services of Wisconsin Public Surplus to sell surplus property.  Any business, non-profit agency, or individual may bid on items posted for auction.  To do so, go to http://www.wisconsinsurplus.com to view or register to bid on current online auctions and view previous results.  The auction website allows registered users to have weekly emails automatically sent to their registered email address to notify them of current auctions that are open.  Waukesha County items are either listed as a specific stand-alone auction as Waukesha County with our Leading The Way logo, or we are included in a Multiple Municipal Auction lot which is identified with a red colored State of Wisconsin online image.  Remember to look for both.   Items include motor vehicles, file cabinets, chairs, desks, book shelves, tables, cabinets, couches, TVs, display cases and more.  All items are sold on an “as is” basis.  Once the auction closes for a specific batch of auction items, that batch moves to the bottom of Wisconsin Surplus’s Home page with a CLOSED status noted.  The items will then be listed with the price it sold or it will be blank, meaning it did not sell.  The items that do not sell are items that are available for donation to local non-profit agencies.

DONATIONS of surplus property can be made to local non-profit agencies after attempts to sell the property have been unsuccessful.  Non-profit agencies interested in our surplus property can either 1) monitor our auctions, as noted above, to determine what does not sell and would then become available for donation 2) notify us of specific property you are interested in so that we contact you should it become available for donation.  Any requests for donation should be directed to [email protected].  Unsold items will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We will need confirmation of the agency’s non-profit status and a signed letter from the agency’s executive director stating who is authorized to pick up and sign for the donated property on the agency’s behalf.  

SALVAGE & RECYCLING is our last method of managing surplus property prior to disposing of any items in the trash.  Reasonable efforts are made to salvage and recycle items in support of our sustainability policy

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