Waukesha County

Licensing Establishment

Licensing Establishment

WHEN: Any person wishing to operate a facility or establishment regulated by the Waukesha County Code: Restaurants; Hotels/Motels; Tourist Rooming Houses; Bed and Breakfasts; Public Swimming Pools; Recreational/Educational Camps; Campgrounds; Retail Food Establishments.

WHY: To protect the public health and safety of citizens, thereby maintaining high quality of life, pursuant to Chapter 14, Parks and Land Use, Article X., Health – Related Regulations and Licenses of the Waukesha County Code, available online and in the office of the Waukesha County Clerk.

WHO: Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use – Environmental Health Division issues permit. See Staff Who Can Help.

HOW: Submit a complete application and fee to the Environmental Health Division.


  • Licensing Establishment Application form
  • Copy of Plans, if necessary
  • Tax Key Number
  • Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use – Planning and Zoning Division approval, when necessary


  • Pre-Inspection fee and License fee. See Department of Parks and Land Use – Environmental Health Division Fee Schedule


  • License is generally processed within five (5) working days of receiving completed application. License period is from July 1st through the following June 30th.
  • A Zoning Permit or Conditional Use Permit from the Planning and Zoning Division may be needed in addition to the above licenses. Contact the Planning and Zoning Division for assistance. See Staff Who Can Help.

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Room AC 170 - (262) 896-8270 - Land Information System
Room AC 230 - (262) 548-7790 - Park System, Planning and Zoning
Room AC 260 - (262) 896-8300 - Environmental Health, Land Conservation and Recycling
Room AC 320 - (262) 548-7920 - Community Development

If you have questions, please email Department of Parks & Land Use or call the numbers listed above.

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