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Court Officials/Court Calendar

To see information on a particular court official, including his/her daily court calendar, select that court official's name from the right menu. Additional court official resources are also available on the right menu.

Circuit Court Judges

There are currently twelve Circuit Court Judges serving Waukesha County. Judges are elected to 6-year terms.

Judges are distributed among the various divisions of the courts as follows: Civil Court (3), Criminal/Traffic Court (6), Family Court (2), and Juvenile Court (1). Probate matters are heard by several Judges as noted on the Court Official Directory. In Waukesha County, a portion of the judges rotate from one division to another annually in early August. The Judicial Rotation Directive explains any recent or upcoming rotations. A Presiding Judge is also assigned to each division. The current Presiding Judge assignments are available.

Court Commissioners

Court Commissioners are directed by the Circuit Court Judges to facilitate the judicial process through the exercise of quasi-judicial authority in matters authorized by statute.

Judge Dorow appointed Commissioner Costello as Supervisor of the Waukesha County Court Commissioners.

Contact Info:

Court Commissioners
(262) 548-7446

Waukesha County Courthouse
Room: C335
515 W. Moreland Blvd
Waukesha WI, 53188

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