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Sanitary Permit Process

Sanitary Permit Proc

WHEN: A Sanitary Permit is required for the installation of any initial, modified, additional or replacement private sewage system servicing a public or private building.

WHY: A Sanitary Permit is required prior to the installation of the private sewage system and is necessary to assure that the private sewage system is installed in suitable soils, is properly located and adequately sized based on the building’s existing or proposed usage, pursuant to Chapter 145 – Wisconsin State Statutes, DCOMM 83 – Wisconsin Administrative Code and Chapter 14, Water and Water Quality – Waukesha County Code, available online and in the office of the Waukesha County Clerk.

WHO: The Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use – Environmental Health Division issues permits. See Staff Who Can Help.

HOW: The licensed plumber who is responsible for the private sewage system installation, completes and submits the Sanitary Permit Application and fee to the Environmental Health Division.


  • Sanitary Permit Application Form
  • Original Soil and Site Evaluation Report
  • Detailed plans of the proposed private sewage system design or a copy of Dept. of Commerce approved plans, if applicable
  • For new construction, a survey showing the building stakeout completed by a registered land surveyor


See Department of Parks and Land Use – Environmental Health Division Fee Schedule.


The County has authority to regulate holding tank usage for new residential construction. For long-term holding tank usage, the owner may request an appeal to Waukesha County Land Use Parks and Environment Committee (L.U.P.E.) to allow utilization of a sewage holding tank. Staff of the Environmental Health Division will assist you in the appeal process.


A Sanitary Permit is generally issued the same day a completed application and review fee are received.


Department of Commerce (DCOMM) plan approval is necessary for mound systems, in ground pressure systems, experimental systems and for any variances granted. See Coordinating Agencies for the appropriate contact.
All Sanitary Permits issued on July 1, 1979, or thereafter, are subject to a two (2) year maintenance program. All septic tanks and lift pump tanks shall be pumped and inspected at least once every two (2) years based on the final inspection date of the systems installation.
The Sanitary Permit is valid for two (2) years from the date of issuance and can be transferred and is renewable within the two (2) year period.

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