Waukesha County


What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning provides a proactive road map for an organization – based upon goals, principles and values. It is not an operational plan or specific business plan, it involves where we want to go as a County, not necessarily how we are going to get there. Strategic Plans identify key issues facing the County through data collection and stakeholder involvement.  

Moving the County Forward through Strategic Planning?

Every Department within Waukesha County develops its own Strategic Plan in order to identify desired objectives over the course of the next three years.. These objectives are considered milestones to be reached, so each one is designed to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timebound (SMART). 

Guiding Strategic outcomes with County Pillars

Our Strategic Plans, and the SMART objectives within, are guided by our Five Pillars of Success, Waukesha County's framework for identifying core priorities and establishing program goals. The Five Pillars are: Customer Service, Quality, Team, Health & Safety, and Finance. They are the basis of a county-wide scorecard to measure performance in these key areas. 

Click on the pillars below to see how Waukesha County measures success in each category. (NoteL Some pillars are still under construction.)

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