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This is your guide to info on upcoming road construction, repaving (below), and other improvements on your Waukesha County roads.

Project info is subject to change. Contact us anytime to confirm and discuss -- click on name of project manager, or phone us at 262-548-7740. Thanks!

Icon on Contruction Projects page near mini "Who maintains my road"Waukesha County Public Works is one of many teams at work on roads in Waukesha County. Here's a helpful guide to info offered to you by other agencies at work in Waukesha County.

Waukesha County highways: View info below
State and Federal highways by WisDOTprojects.511wi.gov
City, town, village roads: Contact your friendly local municipal DPW like Village of Hartland, City of Muskego


Construction Projects • view map of all project locations 

projects now underway or scheduled for 2018 • updated August 31 10:15 am
County Highway • common name Start and End points  In which city, town, village? Impact to drivers More info: 
CTH = County Trunk Highway View map of all project locations    dates • partial/full closures

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West Bypass  Phase I: USH 18 to I-94  City of Waukesha  thru August • closure of lane(s) Karen Braun 
Phase II: STH 59 to USH 18 City of Waukesha, Town of Waukesha August • see WisDOT projects info WisDOT
CTH V V • Silver Spring Dr  CTH E intersection Town of Merton June 11 thru A̶u̶g̶u̶s̶t̶ early September • full closure   Ed Hinrichs 
CTH • County Line Rd Oconomowoc River bridge Towns of Merton, Erin A̶u̶g̶ ̶2̶7̶ S̶e̶p̶t̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶4̶ September 10 • full closure Kevin Yanny 
CTH KF • Ryan Rd CTH JK intersection  City of Pewaukee   starting June 25 • reduced speed limit, temp. four-way stop, closure of turn lanes Ed Hinrichs  
CTH P • Brown St at Snyder Ln (aka Snyder Way) City of Oconomowoc June thru Fall 2018 • open Jason Mayer
2018 Culvert Replacements  countywide various  open Steve Brasch 
2018 Paving Program  countywide - see below see below open  Jim Soehner 
CTH I • Beloit Rd CTH ES to CTH O City of New Berlin complete • minor repairs may require closures of lanes Ed Hinrichs
CTH YY • Pilgrim Rd  Burleigh Rd intersection City of Brookfield complete • minor repairs may require closures of lanes Ed Hinrichs
CTH JJ • Bluemound Rd Silvernail Rd intersection  City of Waukesha complete Bruce Barnes 
CTH P • N Sawyer Rd Bark River bridge Village of Summit complete Kevin Yanny 
CTH V V • Silver Spring Dr  Lilly Rd intersection Village of Menomonee Falls complete Kevin Yanny

Design Projects • view map of all project locations 

designs and studies now underway for scheduled future projects • updated September 10 11:45 am
County Highway • common name Start and End points  In which city, town, village? Construction start date More info: 
CTH N culvert Scuppernong River Town of Eagle 2019  Steve Brasch 
CTH I • River Rd Ehr Dr to Point Dr Town of Vernon  2019 Jim Soehner 
CTH Y • Barker Rd Pilak Creek Tributary bridge replacement City of Muskego 2019 Kevin Yanny
CTH M • North Ave CTH YY to east county line  City of Brookfield   2020 Ed Hinrichs  
CTH YY • Pilgrim Rd Underwood Creek structure City of Brookfield 2020 Kevin Yanny
CTH C • Kettle Moraine Scenic Dr Hasslinger Dr intersection Town of Merton • Village of Chenequa 2020 Bruce Barnes
CTH D • Cleveland Ave Calhoun Rd to 124th St City of New Berlin 2021 Kevin Yanny
CTH O • Moorland Rd intersection with CTH I • Beloit Rd City of New Berlin TBD • more info Bruce Barnes
Road Improvement projects - Capital Projects View even more future projects to be scheduled: Waukesha County Capital Plan 2019-23


Paving - summer 2018 • view map of all paving sites


County Highway • common name  Start and End points approx Municipality
*CTH = County Trunk Highway
View map of all paving sites
Use caution: flaggers at work
CTH B • Valley Rd near Dekoven Rd • base patching only Village of Summit
CTH CW • Mapleton Rd
Townline Rd to Hwy 83  Town of Merton
CTH Z to Hwy 67  Town of Ottawa
CTH D • W. Sunset Dr CTH TT to Pebble Creek Bridge Town of Waukesha
CTH D • W. Cleveland Ave at Johnson Rd (right turn lane only) City of New Berlin
CTH EF • Hartling Rd - Sussex Rd
CTH E to CTH V V Town of Merton
CTH I Sandy Beach Rd to CTH LO Town of Mukwonago
CTH I • River Rd
Hwy 83 to Fox River Bridge  Town of Mukwonago
CTH I • Lawnsdale Rd CTH XX to Hwy 164 Town of Waukesha
CTH I • Lawnsdale Rd Hwy 164 to CTH Y Town of Waukesha
CTH X • Saylesville Rd at Lawrence Dr • bypass lane only City of Waukesha
CTH Y • Barker Rd north of USH 18 Town of Brookfield
CTH Y • Barker Rd at STH 59 Town of Brookfield
CTH School Section Lake Rd to Scuppernong Bridge Town of Ottawa

flagger sign

Paving Waukesha County highways: What to expect

What: Resurfacing existing roadways -- not new construction of a road. Kinda like painting your kitchen -- not remodelling it.
: June, July, August 2018. Materials and processes work best in summer.
Where: See map (above) and list of locations (left).
How long: Most take three or four days. But weather, length of segment may add a few days.
Safety First: Please expect lane closures. That means flaggers on site -- so please stay alert and decrease speeds. We appreciate it! 

More info: Your questions and comments are welcome! Contact Jim Soehner of DPW-Engineering Services (email)

More projects: We aren't the only team at work on roads in beautiful Waukesha County. Check out "Who Maintains My Road?" for more info.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you!

Note: Project info is subject to change. 

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