Waukesha County

Nonmetallic Mine Reclamation

Flowchart (PDF)

WHEN: Any existing or proposed nonmetallic mine site conducting mining activities on or after August 1, 2001 in areas where Waukesha County is the regulatory authority (see note below).

WHY: To reclaim nonmetallic mining sites, protect the environment and allow for other post-mining land uses. County ordinance is mandated under Chapter NR 135, Wisconsin Administrative Code and Subchapter I of Chapter 295, Wisconsin Statutes. All regulatory details are contained in Chapter 14 of the Waukesha County Code of Ordinances.

WHO: The Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use – Land Resources Division issues permits. See Staff Who Can Help.

HOW: Applicant must submit a complete application and fee.


  • A description of the general location and nature of the nonmetallic mine. A legal description of the property on which the nonmetallic mine is proposed, including the tax parcel identification numbers.
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of the person or organization serving as the operator and the primary contact for the review of reclamation plans.
  • Indication if the applicant is requesting an expedited review.
  • A certification by the operator of his or her intent to comply with the nonmetallic mining reclamation standards.
  • A reclamation plan.
  • A certification, on a form provided by the county, and signed by the operator that he or she will provide, as a condition of the reclamation permit, financial assurance.


  • See Department of Parks and Land Use – Land Resources Division Fee Schedule


  • Within 90 days of receipt of all the required application materials.


  • Waukesha County is the regulatory authority in the following towns: Oconomowoc, Summit, Ottawa, Merton, Delafield, Mukwonago, Vernon, Waukesha and Lisbon.
  • Financial assurance will be collected to ensure reclamation is completed. The amount is based on what it would cost Waukesha County to complete the reclamation and may be adjusted over the life of the mine to reflect changes in cost.

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If you have questions, please email Department of Parks & Land Use or call the numbers listed above.

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