Waukesha County

Continuous Improvement/Lean Projects by Department:

LEAN Infomation

Human Resources - New Employee and Benefit Orientation Process Improvement

Problem Statement: New employees attend two types of orientation involving Human Resources: Benefits Orientation provides employees information and registration for benefit, and the New Employee Orientation (NEO) provides information and resources for employees on a variety of topics and requires coverage of and sign-off on policies and procedures. Both of these processes had not been reviewed or fundamentally revised for over 10 years and it was time for a "health check" to look for waste of materials and time and to cover topics employees deemed important to know.

Results: Employees prefer attending new employee orientation in person rather than via web/pre-recorded CD interaction. Employees found most of the printed information in the binders to be useful information. The new process accomplishes New Employee Orientation in 1 day instead of 2 days.

The Waukesha County Continuous Improvement Program is broad in nature and encompasses many types of improvements throughout the county. Our LEAN training offers tools for all continuous improvement efforts. LEAN Government is a term that is recognized throughout the country, and therefore is often associated with improvement projects.