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Continuous Improvement/Lean Projects by Department:

LEAN Infomation

Adminstration: Collections - Month-end Process

Problem Statement: The Collection Division services both internal departments as well as external clients. The clients' statements, invoices and checks are produced on a monthly basis with a contractual agreement for a delivery of 45 days. The diversity of clients and their various reporting needs have made the month end close process complex. Complexity coupled with dependence on individual employees for task completion leads to delays in closing the month end close process; averaging over 57 days to time of delivery. Poor quality in performance coudl leade to loss in client satisfaction, referrals, revenue and result in increasing costs per collection.

Results: Minimum goal was 45 contractual agreement with a 30 day ultimate goal. Project resulted in 29 days to process = 49% improvement. Non-value added time decreased from 27 days to 16 = 40% change.

The Waukesha County Continuous Improvement Program is broad in nature and encompasses many types of improvements throughout the county. Our LEAN training offers tools for all continuous improvement efforts. LEAN Government is a term that is recognized throughout the country, and therefore is often associated with improvement projects.