Waukesha County

Our Mission

The Waukesha County Continuous Improvement Program is designed to educate, engage, equip and empower employees to identify and implement improvement strategies to positively affect overall efficiency and customer service at all levels of the organization.

History of our Program

With our customer's best interests in mind, Waukesha County has always encouraged continuous improvement in our daily work. As the LEAN Government program began to grow nationwide, Waukesha County also wanted to train employees to use LEAN tools in the government setting.

LEAN training was first offered to Waukesha County employees in 2012 in partnership with Waukesha County Technical College and instructor Pat Dolan. These LEAN teams have learned how to use LEAN tools to drastically improve the services they provide or to drastically reduce the time and resources it takes to provide these services. in addition to the benefit to our customers, these teams have also been able to improve the work-life of many employees by identifying and improving or eliminating non-value added activities in many processes.

LEAN Infomation

The Waukesha County Continuous Improvement Program is broad in nature and encompasses many types of improvements throughout the county. Our LEAN training offers tools for all continuous improvement efforts. LEAN Government is a term that is recognized throughout the country, and therefore is often associated with improvement projects.

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