Waukesha County

Continuous Improvement/Lean Projects by Department:

LEAN Infomation

Courts: Unify Civil and Family Divisions CORE Group

Problem Statement: The Civil and Family CORE Group is made up of the Customer Service areas of each department. Both divisions have similar staff positions/current conditions. There is currently a lot of downtime when there is a lack of work. There is duplication of job functions which causes little time on each job function instead of quality time on specific job functions. We are unable to hold employees accountable for the job functions as it is spread among many employees.

Results: Reassign duties for accountability and time management, and have one Calendar Clerk and one Account Clerk performing duties for both the Civil and Family Divisions. In both divisions we decreased downtime and errors.

The Waukesha County Continuous Improvement Program is broad in nature and encompasses many types of improvements throughout the county. Our LEAN training offers tools for all continuous improvement efforts. LEAN Government is a term that is recognized throughout the country, and therefore is often associated with improvement projects.