Waukesha County

Continuous Improvement/Lean Projects by Department:

LEAN Infomation

Administration: Collection Performance Assessment and Improvement

Problem Statement: Collection performance varies based on such factors as: type of debtor in queue, chance (e.g., debtor picks up phone), debtor ability to pay and collection techniques performed. In this project we will identify baseline performance and develop training to build skills that continuously maximize revenue recovery and shorten time to paid-in-full status.

Results: Comparing data from 2010 (prior to change) to 2011 (change implemented) results:

464.1% increase in calls

116% increase in contacts

160.5% increase in 'promised to pay'

1,140 decrease in letters

$3,762 increase in payments

The Waukesha County Continuous Improvement Program is broad in nature and encompasses many types of improvements throughout the county. Our LEAN training offers tools for all continuous improvement efforts. LEAN Government is a term that is recognized throughout the country, and therefore is often associated with improvement projects.