Waukesha County

Wedding Information

Contacting a Court Official to Perform a Marriage

These Court Officials perform marriages according to the following guidelines. Please call the numbers below to make your request. Please be aware that if you come to the office in person, the Court Officials' clerks will only be able to take a message and will be unable to provide you with additional information as you wait.

Wedding Bells ImageINSIDE the Waukesha County Courthouse - Time to be set by Court Official.OUTSIDE the courthouse and/or at other times including weekends.Preferred Method of ContactRoom Number
Circuit Court Judge
Michael J. Aprahamian 
  Phone: (262) 548-7481  C167 
Circuit Court Judge
Paul Bugenhagen
  Yes Phone: (262) 548-7454 C167 
Circuit Court Judge 
William J. Domina
  Yes  Phone: (262) 548-7540 C167

Circuit Court Judge 
Michael P. Maxwell

  Yes  Phone: (262) 548-7539  C167 

Circuit Court Judge 
Brad D. Schimel

  Yes Phone: (262) 548-7548 C167

Court Commissioner 
Chris Bailey

Yes Yes Email  


Supplemental Court Commissioners
            Wedding Bells Image       OUTSIDE the courthouse and/or at other times including weekends.Preferred Method of ContactNotes
Supplemental Court Commssioner
Elizabeth Bagley 

     Phone: (262) 522-9200

     Email: efb@bagleylaw.net  

Supplemental Court Commssioner
Paul E. Bucher 

Phone: (414) 534-1092

Email: pbucher@bucherlawgroup.com

 No Saturdays.  Prefers late afternoons/evenings.
Supplemental Court Commssioner
Joe Cook 

Phone: (262) 547-7739

Wednesday/Thursday A.M. only.
Supplemental Court Commssioner
Paul Dedinsky 

Phone: (262) 271-1188 (by text)

Email: paul.dedinsky@wi.rr.com

Supplemental Court Commssioner
Thomas J. Flanagan

Phone: (414) 443-1790 or (414) 840-4899

Email: flanlaw@execpc.com

Supplemental Court Commssioner
Bartholomew F. Reuter 

Phone: (414) 397-3512

Email: breuter@versiti.org OR bartreuter@hotmail.com


Supplemental Court Commssioner
Patrick J. Schott


Phone: (262) 827-8920

Email: pschott@sbe-law.com


Supplemental Court Commssioner
Ronald J. Sonderhouse


Phone: (262) 446-9222

Email: ronald@wolffsonderhouse.com