Waukesha County

Waukesha Clerk of Courts - Media Requests

All media interest requests should be emailed to the Waukesha Media Coordinator, who will then follow the below process:

  1. The Waukesha Media Coordinator will contact a Court Official’s Legal Clerk to confirm hearing details and will provide the Legal Clerk with the number of camera crews and still camera media members he is expecting.*
  2. Legal Clerk will verify with Court Official how they would like to proceed.  Most Court Officials allow one video camera and one still camera in the court room during proceedings, but all media allowance is subject to judicial discretion on a hearing-by-hearing basis.
  3. If the media request is for two or more cameras or there has been a request to pool the camera feed, Legal Clerk will email the Media Request group for pooling options.  Please include the following:
      • The Court Official’s Media Preference for the Hearing
      • Number of Media Present
      • Case Number
      • Hearing Parties
      • Court Branch
      • Room Number
      • Hearing Date & Time
  4. Pooling options will be:
      • Two Stations in Attendance:  If only two stations will attend proceedings, remind the Media Coordinator that typically only one can film (unless the Court Official has approved additional cameras) and they will be sending the feed to the second station’s camera within the courtroom. No additional pooling gear needs to be brought onsite.  The stations can coordinate amongst themselves who will shoot and who will receive the feed.
      • If only two stations are scheduled to attend proceedings but additional stations show up, remind the additional stations to coordinate with the Media Coordinator better so proper gear is brought to the courthouse
      • Pool to a Conference Room Within the Courtroom:  If applicable and conference room is not already in use
      • Hallway/Vacant Room:  Run a cable into the hallway and have the remaining media pool in the hallway directly outside the courtroom or in an adjacent vacant room
  5. Legal Clerk will email the Media Coordinator finalized media details.

* Please note: Intake Court is generally excluded from the above process due to the immediate nature of proceedings.

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