Waukesha County

Obtaining Copies of a Transcript

Transcript or Transcript Copy Requests:

A transcript is a verbatim (word for word) typed record of what happened in court for a particular hearing or proceeding. If a transcript has not been made for your court matter and you would like one, you will need to contact the official court reporter for the Court Official who presided over the specific hearing and follow the court reporter's procedure for your request. Before contacting the reporter by phone, you will need certain information such as your CASE NUMBER and SPECIFIC DATE OF THE PROCEEDING. The Court Reporter will charge a statutory per page rate for the original transcript (which goes in the file) and a copy fee (you receive a certified copy of the transcript). Additional rates apply for expedited requests. You will pay the reporter directly.

If a Transcript has been created and you would like a certified copy you can obtain it in one of two ways:

If you are at the courthouse you can request a copy at $1.25 a page from the Clerk of Circuit Court office and you will get it immediately.
You can contact the reporter and request a copy at $.50 a page. The reporter will make arrangements with you for pick up or send it in the mail.

Digital Audio Recording:

If your court matter was recorded, the following options are available to you:

1. If you want a certified transcript see the options above.
2. If you want a copy of the recorded hearing you should contact the County Court Reporters with a CASE NUMBER AND SPECIFIC DATE OF THE PROCEEDING. There is a nominal fee for copies of recorded hearings. Note: only certified transcripts of court matters are accepted by the Circuit Court.

Most Court Commissioner hearings are recorded.

Copies of Juvenile Court Records

See the section on “Viewing the court File in Person.” The Juvenile Court Judge will order which records, if any, may be copied.