Waukesha County


Adoptions are handled in both the Juvenile and Probate Courts. Age of the individual that is subject to the adoption will determine in which court your matter will be heard.

Juvenile Court

The folowing types of adoption are handled in the Juvenile Court and are filed at the reception desk at 521 Riverview Avenue.

Adoptive Placement:
Adoption that occurs when a birth mother selects a family to adopt her child (under age 18) from a list of families who have been screened and approved by an adoption agency.

Agency Adoption:
Adoptions that involve a child (under age 18) in a foster care placement or an independent adoptive placement.

Foreign Adoption:
The adoption of a child (under age 18) from a foreign country when the foreign country will not allow the adoption to occur until the child is in the United States.

Foreign Re-Adoption:
The adoption of a child (under age 18) from a foreign country when adoption was completed in the foreign country and the parent wants to obtain a new U.S. "Certification of Birth Facts".

Step-Parent/Relative Adoption:
Adoption of a step-child or otherwise related child (under age 18) whose parent(s) are deceased or who have either voluntarily or involuntarily terminated his/her parental rights of the child.

Adoption Search:
Policies and procedures for how to request information about past adoptions, birth parents, or individuals.