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Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order that prohibits contact and/or certain behavior directed to the person needing protection. Restraining orders are different from bail or bond conditions, probation rules, or a 72-hour no contact as condition of arrest order. The following is information on how to obtain different types of Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) that are effective until a court official grants more long term protection called an Injuction. You do NOT need an attorney--Wisconsin law allows you to seek a restraining order without a lawyer's help. Many people feel more comfortable hiring an attorney, especially if there are concurrent criminal or family law cases that stem from the abuse.

Please click here to review the Injunction Exhibit Process. Any proposed exhibit not clearly marked and filed at least 2 business days in advance of the hearing date will not be considered by the Court absent a showing of good cause. 

Civil Court and Juvenile Court hear requests for restraining orders. The court in which a restraining order is filed depends on whether the abuser (defendant) is a minor or an adult. There are different types of Restraining Orders as follows:

    1. Child Abuse (Adult Defendant/Respondent)
    2. Domestic Abuse
    3. Harassment (Adult Defendant/Respondent)
    4. Individual At Risk (Vulnerable Adult)
    5. Juvenile Restraining Orders (Minor Respondent under 18)

Additional Information regarding Restraining Orders:

    1. Return of Firearm(s) - If you are seeking to petition the court for return of firearm(s) related to a restraining order, click (here).
    2. Attended an Injunction Hearing and not satisfied with the outcome? - Visit the individual page related to the type of TRO filed or click (here).
    3. Granted an injunction and want to modify the order?  - Visit the individual page related to the type of TRO filed.
    4. To view costs associated with filing a juvenile injunction, click (here).


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