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2014 Workshop Presentations - Stormwater University

Workshop theme:
Stormwater University - Taking the "scary" out of the Storm Water permit process


Session 1. Overview of SW Ordinances/Permitting & Erosion Control Planning
Background/Evolution; ALP; MS4 (Leif Hauge)
SW Ordinance review (Leif Hauge)
Links between SW & zoning/land division (Amy Barrows)
Preliminary & final plan review processes (Alan Barrows)
EC principles, standards, checklists, requirements (Jim Rose)
Common EC issues and lessons learned (Chris Genellie)

Session 2. Stormwater Planning & Permits
Principles, standards, checklists, requirements (Leif Hauge)
Common SW issues & lessons learned (Steve Wurster)
Permit app, BMP recording, financial assurance (Jim Rose)
Plan Implementation Meeting & sign off (Dave Buechl)
BMP as-builts/maintenance agreement; permit & financial closure (Dave Buechl) (combined with previous presentation)
Inspections, enforcement, verifications (Alan Barrows)

Session 3. BMP Updates
New permeable pavement standard (Pete Wood)
BMP developments and common problems (Bryan Hartsook) (combined with Wood presentation)
Updates: rainfall distribution, depth & frequency (Mike Hahn)

Session 4. Erosion Control Technology & Products
EC developments, new products, lessons learned (Scott Bordeau)
Late season stabilization (Jim Rose)

Session 5. Looking Ahead: Regulations, Digital Developments, Resources
Looking ahead on regulations (Bryan Hartsook)
RUSLE2 Implementation (Pete Wood) (combined with Hartsook presentation)
Digital developments & resources (Alan Barrows)

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