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2013 Workshop Presentations - Lessons Learned

Workshop theme:
Lessons learned in 20 years of erosion control and storm water management programs.


Session 1. Construction Erosion Control
Evolution of Erosion Control Plans & Products (Gil Layton)
Development of BMP technical standards (Pete Wood)

Session 2. Storm Water Evolution
Water Quality Design (Roger Bannerman)
TMDL Plans (Jim Bachhuber)

Session 3. Basement Flooding
Lessons Learned in Basement Flooding (Perry Lindquist)
Case Study: Country Bliss Subdivision (Sean Sullivan)

Session 4. Plans and Implementation
Setting Plan Goals & Timelines (Maggie Wagner)
Collecting & Using Soils Data (Alan Barrows)
Checklists, Policies, Regulatory Reviews (Leif Hauge)
Responsibilities in Verification & Inspection (Jim Rose)

Session 5. Permits & BMP Maintenance
Case Studies in Permit Enforcement (Saji Villoth)
Enforcement Inspection (Maggie Wagner)
Foreclosure & Financial Assurance Process (Alan Barrows)
Madison BMP Maintenance Case Study (Tim Troester)
BMP Maintenance Ordinance (Perry Lindquist)

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