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2016 Workshop Presentations - The Rundown on Runoff

Workshop theme:

The Rundown on Runoff


Session 1. County Stormwater Ordinance & State Updates
Overall update; basement wetness policy updates (Perry Lindquist)
Basement spreadsheet; hydrology updates (Leif Hauge)
State regulatory update (Pete Wood)

Session 2. Using Drones for Construction Site Inspection
Drones for inspection (Shane Zodrow)

Session 3. New Developments, Native Plants & Infiltration
USLE case studies (Pete Wood)
Correct construction of riprapped infalls (Benjie Hayek)
Late season stabilization; failed plantings (Leif Hauge)
Making native plants work (Keir Peckham)
Nagawaukee eroded hillside (Alan Barrows)
Native planting case study (Keir Peckham)
Pewaukee Library rain garden (Charlie Shong)

Session 4. Success Stories
Fox River & Racine County projects; funding (Chad Sampson)
Rainbow Springs culvert removal (Ben Heussner)
Rainbow Springs culvert removal (Leif Hauge)

Session 5. Erosion Control / Stormwater Construction
CTH VV Fox River turbidity barriers (Aaron Krier)
CTH I & Y soil stabilizer (Benjie Hayek)
CTH VV bioretention basins (Craig Donze)
Dousman storm sewer, NPS grant (Mike Hallada)
WE gas project case studies (Lance Newman)
Lake Wingra Watershed Management; Monona MS4 projects

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