Waukesha County

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Land & Water Resource Management Plan - 2012 Update
This plan needs to be updated in 2021 to meet ATCP 50 requirements. 

Overview-TOC-Exec Summary-Acknowledgements

LWRM Plan Overview - Power Point
Table of Contents
Plan Cover
Executive Summary (2 pages)

Chapter 1.  Introduction

Land and Water Resource Management Plan Background
Plan Requirements
Plan Development Process
Public Input
Relationship to Other Plans
Coordination With Other Agencies and Partners
Related Waukesha County Ordinances
Plan Review and Approval

Chapter 2. Resource Assessment

Geology and Physiography
Woodlands and Wetlands
Groundwater Resources
Drainage Basins and Watersheds
Rivers and Streams
Outstanding and Exceptional Resource Waters
Impaired Waters List (303d)
Land Use
Exotic and Invasive Species

Chapter 3. Goals, Oabjectives and Planned Activities

Water Resource Objectives
Plan Goals
Plan Objectives and Planned Activities (For Each Goal)

Chapter 4. Plan Implementation and Evaluation

Urban Nonpoint Pollution Performance Standards
Agricultural Nonpoint Pollution Performance Standards
Estimated Program Costs
Monitoring and Evaluation
Impediments to Plan Implementation


C.Invitation to LWRM Plan Advisory Committee
D.Public Hearing Notice
E.Conservation Practices
F.Waukesha County Approval
G.WI Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection Approval