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2015 Workshop Presentations - The Dirt on Soils

Workshop theme:  
The Dirt on Soils


Session 1. Why Soils Matter in Storm Water & Erosion Control / What can go wrong?
Basement wetness issues: what can go wrong? (Alan Barrows)
Erosion control: what can go wrong? (Jim Rose)
BMP design: what can go wrong? (Leif Hauge)

Session 2. How Soils Should be Assessed
Soil mapping & database;SPS 385 overview; Soil description; Seasonal high water table (Jeff Hammes) •
Water table evaluation & sampling methods (Paul Koszarek)
Credential requirements, reporting forms (Alan Barrows)
Infiltration testing (Paul Koszarek) Infiltration Testing (Leif Hauge)

Session 3. How Soils Information Should be Utilized
Soil loss & sediment discharge calculation tool (Pete Wood)
Basement design: standard drawings, flow calculations, process (Alan Barrows)
• BMP design: wet detention, bioretention, infiltration feasibility, soil amendment Part 1 (Leif Hauge) Part 2 (Chris Genellie, Paul Koszarek)
Erosion control BMP design (Scott Bordeau)

Session 4. Engineered Soils
Utilization, design, SAR, Slamm (Roger Bannerman)

Session 5. Case Study
Woodridge Estates (Brian Pehl, Leif Hauge)