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2010 Workshop Presentations - BMPs

Workshop theme:  
Once they're in .........it's just a matter of time.


Session 1. Overview & BMP Documentation:
Intro (Perry Lindquist)
BMP Maintenance Examples (Paul Sebo)
MS4 Permits & BMP Maintenance (Pete Wood)
BMP Documentation & Database (Alan Barrows)

Session 2. BMP Inspection & Reporting
Intro to BMP Inspections (Jim Rose)
What to Look for (Nicole Hewitt)
Inspection Forms & Bidding (Chris Genellie)

Session 3. How to Maintain BMPS
Case Study on Dredging a Wet Detention Basin
(Leif Hauge & Tim Lynch)
County Highway Operations Sweeping Program (Rick Slater)
Vegetation Maintenance (Keir Peckham)
Case Study on Synthetic Liner & Avg BMP Maintenance Costs
(Leif Hauge)

Session 4. Maintenance Enforcement & Cost Recovery
Model Ordinance Language (Perry Lindquist)
Municipal Water Resource Utility (Eric Nitschke)
Case Study/Mixed Public-Private Utility (Dan Warren)

Session 5. Permitting BMP Maintenance
County Permits (Jim Rose)
State Permits (Pete Wood)
NR528/Accumulated Sediment Mgt. (Bryan Hartsook)

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