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Yard Waste & Composting 

Turn your yard waste into useful products!  Let’s look at the grass clippings, leaves and weeds from our lawns as an opportunity—not a waste!  There are businesses that collect that material, compost it, bag it and sell it to you.  You can make your own compost for free and use it to amend clay soils, improve water holding capacity, fertilize your lawn, grow better vegetables and more.

Why Compost? Composting is a great way to recycle leaves, grass clippings, yard trimmings, and even kitchen scraps at home. Finished compost can be added to the soil as a great organic plant food.  Roughly 30% of garbage headed to the landfill is food waste and much of that is compostable. 

Unable to Compost?  Here's What You Can Do:


Brush and Branches

Grass Clippings

Invasive Species

Dirt, Rocks, Sod

Community Recycling Drop-Off Sites

Every spring and fall, burning is an issue in Waukesha County. Some municipalities don't offer yard waste collection services and residents may decide to burn yard waste. Some people also burn garbage and other items that might create a health hazard. Residents should be aware of the consequences of back yard burning and the alternatives that exist. There are better ways to manage yard waste.

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