Waukesha County

Family Court SCRAM Program

SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) is now available for use in all family court matters where a party has identified alcohol as a negative factor relating to child physical placement. It can be used as an assessment or monitoring tool for divorce and paternity cases, in both pre and post judgment matters. The protocol and brochure that follows attempts to answer many questions related to the use of SCRAM in a particular case. Keep in mind that the exact details of its use can be tailored to address the precise use or concern in each individual case.

Protocol for SCRAM use in Family/Paternity Cases

SCRAM may be used in pre and post judgment family court and paternity court matters.

The judge or family court commissioner may order the use of SCRAM upon a request from any of the following individuals of a case:

  • Parties to the action or their respective attorneys
  • Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)
  • Family Court Services social worker
  • Corporation Counsel
  • Any other party deemed appropriate by the court
  • Judge or family court commissioner

The court order shall address:

  1. The duration of use
    • Number of days
    • Location and times, i.e. during placement only
  2. Payment issues
  3. Release of results
  4. Case specific outcomes which may include:
    • Increased placement
    • Supervised or suspended placement
    • Referral for treatment
    • Any other remedy deemed appropriate by the court.
  5. Any party or counsel may ask the assigned court offical to review the results as the facts may warrant.

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