Waukesha County

Work Search Plan.
Each unemployed Huber Facility inmate, whether unemployed upon admittance or who becomes unemployed during their incarceration, will be seen by the orrections counselor for the purpose of imposing a work search plan. A work search plan will be put into effect if the inmate is able to work and is not engaged in other full-time activities such as school and/or childcare. The inmate will be given two weeks for a postscripted work search plan. Failure to obtain employment will result in the inmate’s return to the County Jail for a minimum of 60 days. The corrections counselor will explain the work search plan in greater detail. If an inmate is unemployed and fails to attend a work search meeting and initiate a work search plan within ten (10) days of initial incarceration, Huber privileges will be suspended and the inmate will be returned to the County Jail.