Waukesha County

Huber Board

If you earn wages, salary, unemployment compensation or employment training benefits you are required to pay Huber board, along with any other court ordered payments. All checks are to be mailed to the Huber Facility. Any money left over may be disbursed for support of your family. You may not assume new debts without permission of a corrections captain.

If you are incarcerated for twenty (20) days or more, you will be required to sign a wage assignment. If your employer fails to send your payroll checks to the Huber Facility, the account clerks will contact your employer one (1) time to remind them of that requirement. If your employer fails to comply a second time, you will be held in the facility for further administrative review of your work release privileges. All monies earned will be controlled by the Sheriff or his agents in accordance with ss. 303.08. For sentences less than 20 days, unless alternate arrangements have been made with the facility account clerks, Huber board must be paid in full within 48 hours of admittance.

If you accrue an unacceptable Huber Facility debt (balance due) as determined by the accounting and supervisory staff, you will be held in the facility or returned to the County Jail until your account is up to date. In addition, if your account has a balance due, you will not be permitted to purchase enhanced bag lunches or pizzas, nor will you be given an allowance check for miscellaneous purchases, until your account is up to date.

If self-employed or an independent contractor, you are required to pay one week's board in advance. Self-employed inmates must receive at least minimum wage for hours worked. Inmates who quit or are terminated from their job must notify the correctional staff in writing as soon as possible following the job action. Huber board will continue to be charged until the staff is informed IN WRITING the inmate is no longer employed. This requirement also applies to all temporary employment/job actions including, but not limited to, injury, disciplinary layoff, work shortage layoff and reduction of hours.

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