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Huber Facility - Public Visitation (Guidelines)

All public visitation will be conducted by video visitation only. Visitation sessions will be as follows:

Wednesday and Saturday
9:00 - 9:30 a.m.
10:00 - 10:30 a.m.
3:30 - 4:00 p.m.
4:30 - 5:00 p.m.

All visitation sessions are scheduled by appointment only by calling 262-896-8196 on Tuesdays between 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Visitation appointments will not be taken from any other number or at any other time. Visitors must arrive no less than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled visit to be logged in. Each visitor will be required to provide proper identification which includes the visitor' name, date of birth and photograph. Appropriate attire is to be worn.

Inmates are permitted one visit per week. The public video visitation units allow for two (2) visitors each.

Children under the age of 18 years will not be permitted to visit.

Inmates will be permitted to have property and/or money dropped off on Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. This is not restricted to visitation times and the person dropping off property/money does not have to have a scheduled visitation appointment.

Failure to follow the visitation requirements as set forth will result in a visitation session being denied or terminated.

Inmate Correspondence/Mailing Address:
If you wish to send correspondence through the mail to someone in custody at the Waukesha County Huber Facility, please address the envelope in the following manner:

Inmate’s First and Last name
Waukesha County Huber Facility
1400 Northview Road
Waukesha, WI 53188

Telephone messages for inmates will not be accepted.

Location and Directions to the Waukesha County Huber Facility:
The Waukesha County Huber Facility is located at 1400 Northview road, in Waukesha Wisconsin. It is approximately 2 miles south of I-94 and located less than a mile west of the Waukesha County Expo center and Airport.

Waukesha County Huber Facility
1400 Northview Rd.
Waukesha, WI 53188

If you are identified as a victim in a criminal court proceeding and would like to receive notification as to the violator’s housing location and subsequent release from custody, please log on to the VINELink (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) website and follow the registration process.

Commonly Requested Phone Numbers:
Waukesha County Jail (262) 548-7170
Waukesha County Huber Facility (262) 548-7181
Waukesha County Huber Facility Fax (262) 896-8254
Waukesha Probation and Parole Office (262) 521-5132
Waukesha District Attorney's Office (262) 548-7076
Waukesha County Public Defender (262) 521-5173
Waukesha County Court Questions (262) 548-7484
Waukesha County Sheriff's Department (262) 548-7122
Milwaukee County Jail (414) 226-7070

General Guidelines and Provisions for Waukesha County Huber Facility Inmates:

Items Allowed in the Huber Facility:

  • (1) Comb, 1 hairbrush and/or 1 pick (non metal).
  • (1) Nail clipper; without file.
  • (1) Shaving razor (including battery operated), blades (reasonable amount).
  • (1) Toothbrush – no dental floss is allowed in facility.
  • Purchased through vending: (1) toothpaste, (1) shaving cream and (1) shampoo.
  • (1) Alarm clock (battery or wind up) in sealed package from store.
  • Bible or Koran.
  • Textbooks as approved/hand size calculator (as needed for school or work with supervisor approval).
  • Paper folders, paper notebooks (no spiral binding or metal clips) loose-leaf paper (reasonable amount).
  • (2) pens and (2) pencils.
  • One (1) book of United States mail stamps, (3) envelopes.
  • Personal mail (reasonable amount, includes magazines and newspapers).
  • Photographs (reasonable amount, may not depict sexual acts or display frontal nudity or exposed buttock), no Polaroids.
  • (1) pair contact lenses, one bottle saline solution (unopened), (1) contact lens case.
  • Combination padlock (for outerwear locker only).
  • Wedding band without stones.
  • Male Clothing: T-shirts (2) short sleeved plain, one color, no logos/writing, no pockets. Socks (2) pair, plain, one color, no logos/writing. Underwear (2) shorts/briefs plain, predominantly one color, no logos/writing with elastic band only.
  • Female Clothing: T-shirts (2) short sleeved plain, one color, no logos/writing, no pockets. Panties (2)plain, predominantly one color, no logos/writing with elastic band only. Brassieres (2) plain, one color, nounder-wire or padding. Socks - 2 pair, plain, one color, no logos/writing.
  • Up to $15.00 in United States currency; additional $50.00 may be stored in outerwear locker in dress-out room.

Combination Locks:

Inmates reporting in on a scheduled date to begin their sentence are expected to have in their possession a personal combination lock of a standard “school use” type. The lock will be affixed to the locker assigned to the inmate upon storage of the inmate’s street clothes at intake. Inmates may elect to purchase combination locks from the County at a cost of five dollars ($5.00).

Reading material:

Magazines and newspapers must be delivered directly to the facility by the publisher as part of a subscription agreement.

No jewelry except a plain wedding band without stones is allowed.

Personal radios, hygiene items and non work related or non-school related reading materials/mail cannot be taken in and out of the facility. Once removed from the confines of the facility, radios, hygiene items and non work related or non-school related reading materials/mail will not be allowed back into the facility.

Personal vehicles: If inmates will be driving personal vehicles, the vehicle must be parked in the Huber Facility main parking lot located north of the building. All vehicles must be registered with the Huber Facility on the appropriate form. All vehicles must have an approved facility parking permit located within the vehicle and the permit must be visible from outside the vehicle. A fee will be charged for the parking permit. Bicycles are to be stored in bicycle rack in the parking lot.

Huber Facility Release Guidelines:

1. Employment verification. Inmates will complete an Employment Verification Form upon intake or at the time employment is obtained or changed. Using telephone book white or yellow pages and/or the internet, facility staff will verify all inmate employment by contacting employers via telephone at the place of business. Employers not listed in a telephone book will be required to submit written proof of their business (i.e., tax number, proof of income, business checking account, contracts, and/or incorporation papers). Inmates will not be released for work activities until their employment has been verified. Consequently, depending on the day and time of admission to the Huber Facility and the availability of personnel at the business address, inmates may experience delays in being released on their first workday in custody. Inmates are NOT permitted to be employed by, or supervised by, other current inmates or by inmates within six (6) months of their release from custody. Continuing employment with a family-operated business will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. Commencing employment during incarceration for a family owned/operated business will not be allowed.

2. Unemployment Compensation. Unemployment compensation (and employment training benefits) checks will be mailed directly and/or turned over to the Huber Facility accounting staff. Inmates receiving unemployment compensation benefits are required to pay Huber fees in cash with a minimum of one week's board in advance maintained in the account. A weekly check stub must be submitted with their fees. The check stub will be cross-referenced by the Huber Facility account clerks to confirm unemployment compensation benefits have been received. The check stub will be returned to the inmate upon verification by Huber account clerks.

3. Self-employment. Self-employment will be verified in the following manner. The inmate must provide the following documents:

  • Proof of an active, current business checking account (i.e., active account statement);
  • A tax number (hardcopy document listing the tax authorization number);
  • Past and current business contracts;
  • Current invoices;
  • Business incorporation papers; and,
  • Insurance forms listing the company name and type of business.
  • If the documentation listed above cannot be provided or is insufficient, the matter will be forwarded to the attention of the counseling staff and applicable corrections captain for review and final determination regarding the inmate’s employment status. Self-employment is reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

4. Independent Contractor StatusCriteria:
The inmate must provide the following documentation:

  • Social Security Number (confirmed on Spillman Names Table);
  • Previous year’s income taxes, if business was previously established at that time, showing proof the inmate filed taxes as a subcontractor;
  • Bank statements showing on-going transactions during the six (6) months prior to incarceration date with a positive bank balance; and
  • At least five (5) contracts with past “employers” dated no more than six (6) months ago, and not less than one (1) month ago, substantiating [an exception would be one (1) or two (2) long-term employment contracts].
  • If the inmate is paid as a subcontractor through a single business, that business must be viable [reference section (2) above], must provide a work schedule, and comply with the wage assignment.

If the documentation listed above cannot be provided, the matter will be forwarded to the attention of the applicable corrections captain for review and final determination regarding the inmate’s employment status. Self-employment is reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. 

5. Work Search Plan.

Each unemployed Huber Facility inmate, whether unemployed upon admittance or who becomes unemployed during their incarceration, will be seen by the orrections counselor for the purpose of imposing a work search plan. A work search plan will be put into effect if the inmate is able to work and is not engaged in other full-time activities such as school and/or childcare. The inmate will be given two weeks for a postscripted work search plan. Failure to obtain employment will result in the inmate’s return to the County Jail for a minimum of 60 days. The corrections counselor will explain the work search plan in greater detail. If an inmate is unemployed and fails to attend a work search meeting and initiate a work search plan within ten (10) days of initial incarceration, Huber privileges will be suspended and the inmate will be returned to the County Jail.

6. Huber Board.
If you earn wages, salary, unemployment compensation or employment training benefits you are required to pay Huber board, along with any other court ordered payments. All checks are to be mailed to the Huber Facility. Any money left over may be disbursed for support of your family. You may not assume new debts without permission of a corrections captain.

If you are incarcerated for twenty (20) days or more, you will be required to sign a wage assignment. If your employer fails to send your payroll checks to the Huber Facility, the account clerks will contact your employer one (1) time to remind them of that requirement. If your employer fails to comply a second time, you will be held in the facility for further administrative review of your work release privileges. All monies earned will be controlled by the Sheriff or his agents in accordance with ss. 303.08. For sentences less than 20 days, unless alternate arrangements have been made with the facility account clerks, Huber board must be paid in full within 48 hours of admittance.

If you accrue an unacceptable Huber Facility debt (balance due) as determined by the accounting and supervisory staff, you will be held in the facility or returned to the County Jail until your account is up to date. In addition, if your account has a balance due, you will not be permitted to purchase enhanced bag lunches or pizzas, nor will you be given an allowance check for miscellaneous purchases, until your account is up to date.

If self-employed or an independent contractor, you are required to pay one week's board in advance. Self-employed inmates must receive at least minimum wage for hours worked. Inmates who quit or are terminated from their job must notify the correctional staff in writing as soon as possible following the job action. Huber board will continue to be charged until the staff is informed IN WRITING the inmate is no longer employed. This requirement also applies to all temporary employment/job actions including, but not limited to, injury, disciplinary layoff, work shortage layoff and reduction of hours.

7. Child/Family Care Release.
You may request release for child or family care purposes by submitting the appropriate form and information. Childcare requires the other parent or caregiver's work schedule (from the employer), birth certificates, and school schedules for all children included in the request. Childcare is not granted as a means to maintain direct contact with family members and/or conduct off-site visitation. Release for family/elder care requires physician proof detailing the type and frequency of care required by the family member. You must remain at the approved location during child/family care release.

The request form must be completed in full, and must include all required paperwork at the time of submission. The childcare and family/eldercare site must have a working land line telephone. Inmates are required to provide a copy of the phone bill showing the telephone land line and address of the location where childcare will be provided. Cellular phones are not allowed as the only telephone at the site. You must be reachable by telephone at the approved site at all times during scheduled childcare/family/eldercare hours. Based on the reasonableness of the request and the documentation provided, the request will be granted or denied at the discretion of correctional or counseling staff. Release time will not exceed 12 hours in a single day or more than six days in a row for any reason or combination of reasons (work and childcare).

8. Release for Education. You may request release for education (high school, college, or vocational school programs) by completing the appropriate form. Non-credit college or vocational school classes will not be approved. A school schedule (official document from the educational institution) is required and must be submitted with the form. Release time will not exceed 12 hours in a single day or more than six days in a row for any reason or combination of reasons (school and work/childcare).

Waukesha County Huber Facility Transfer Requests

1. Eligibility.
The Waukesha County Huber Facility will accept transfer inmates with Huber privileges from other jurisdictions provided the inmates were issued Huber privileges and allowed to transfer to Waukesha County by the original sentencing court. Inmates without Huber privileges are not accepted as transfers to the Waukesha County Huber Facility. Transfer requests will be processed based on available bed space. If there is no available bed space, the request will be denied. The inmate must report in to the sentencing county jail and that jail is to make the request to Waukesha County Huber Facility staff regarding the transfer. All inmates requesting a transfer to the Waukesha County Huber Facility will be required to pay a $50.00 transfer fee, in addition to any required advance Huber board fees.

2. Determination Criteria.
When bed space is available, the criteria for determining whether or not to accept Huber Facility transfer requests will include:

  • EMPLOYMENT STATUS. The inmate must be employed, the inmate's place of employment must be located within Waukesha County and the employment must be verified. Unemployed inmates, including students and/or persons who need to be released from the Huber facility for family- or childcare or other reasons, will not be accepted as transfers.
  • Inmates with a verifiable business activity and business structure, which is not located at or adjacent to their residence, may be accepted as transfers provided the transfers meet the criteria listed below (reference sections (2)( c) and (d) of this procedure).
  • Inmates who work out of their home as a contractor, sub-contractor, and/or any other proclaimed self-employed basis will not be accepted as transfers.
  • WORK SCHEDULE. The inmate's work schedule must conform to Waukesha County Huber program rules as follows:
  • The inmate cannot be out of the facility more than 12 hours in a single day including travel time to and from the place of employment; and,
  • The inmate cannot be out of the facility more than 6 days in a row.
  • HUBER BOARD. The inmate must be able to pay in cash, at admission to the Waukesha County Huber Facility, the first two weeks of Huber board or the full amount of board owed if the sentence is less than two weeks. If the inmate cannot pay the two week or full board amount when he/she reports to the Huber Facility for processing, the inmate will not be accepted as a Huber transfer. After the initial board payment for sentences longer than two weeks, Huber board will be remitted based on the transfer inmate's length of sentence.

3. Advance Arrangements.
Advance arrangements (prior to confinement date) for placement in the Waukesha County Huber Facility will not be accepted. Transfer requests will only be considered after the inmate is in custody in the sentencing county.

4. Electronic Monitoring.
Transfers to the Electronic Monitoring Program will not be accepted. Only inmates sentenced and allowed electronic monitoring by a Waukesha County circuit court will be allowed to participate in the Electronic Monitoring Program.

View the Huber Facility Inmate Rules, Regulations and Information Packet. Huber Rulebook

For additional information regarding reporting to the Huber Facility to begin serving a sentence, refer to the Huber Report In document. Huber Facility Report In

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