Waukesha County

Small Claims


Now that the court has awarded you a judgment, remember it will not automatically collect the award for you.

If the other party voluntarily returns the property and/or pays you the money that you were awarded in the judgment, CONGRATULATIONS! Go to the Satisfactions of Judgments & Liens section to complete the final phase of your Small Claims action.

If the other party does not voluntarily return the property and/or pay you the money that you were awarded see the options below which will depend on the type of award that was granted. The flow chart on page 11 of the Basic Guide to Wisconsin Small Claims Actions is an additional useful tool to understanding your options.

In All Cases
The Judgment must be docketed in the Civil Court office in all cases if you plan to pursue the money and/or property.

Collecting a Return of Property(Replevin) - (only the property portion of a small claims judgment)

Collecting a Money Judgment (any type of small claims case when a party is order to pay the other a sum of money)

Have the Money Judgment Collected from the debtor's paycheck

Have the Money Judgment Collected from an income source other than the debtor's paycheck (bank account)

Have the other party's property seized, sold, and the proceeds paid to you to cover the judgment