Waukesha County

Obtaining an Occupational Driver's License

Requests for Occupational Driver’s Licenses are made for a variety of reasons. The Waukesha County Civil Court handles requests from Waukesha County Residents ONLY who are considered the following:

  • Habitual Traffic Offenders
  • Individuals who wish to appeal the DMV’s decision to deny their application

If you don’t fit either of these categories but wish to obtain an occupational driver’s license, you do not need to go through the Civil Court. Instead, review the DMV's instructions for obtaining an Occupational Driver’s License and take your application to a DMV Service Station.

Habitual Traffic Offenders 

Habitual Traffic Offenders are individuals who accumulate four major traffic convictions, (including those from other jurisdictions) or a combination of 12 minor and major convictions, in a five-year period. Major offenses include:

  • Operating while under the influence
  • Eluding an officer
  • Reckless driving

For more information about habitual traffic offenders, go to the WI Department of Transportation’s Facts and Figures page.

Note: You may call (608) 266-2261 to confirm if you are considered a Habitual Traffic Offender.

Appealing the DMV’s Decision to Deny 

If you were DENIED an Occupational Driver’s License through your local DMV, you may appeal that decision through the Waukesha County Civil Court. To appeal, you must obtain a copy of your “Letter of Denial” and use the packet below.

Below you will find basic instructions for handling your court matter and most of the forms you will need to get from the beginning to the end of the process. You have the option to:

  • Print the forms in PDF or
  • Complete the Word Fillable forms on-line

If a form is listed but not linked to a PDF or Word document, you must obtain that form from the office in which your matter is being handled.

Please keep in mind that not all forms are due at the same time. Review the Instructions provided to determine in what order to complete each form and other tasks required.

Hint: ONLY COMPLETE THE TASKS IN THE ORDER THEY ARE LISTED - Read ahead, but do not work ahead.

Occupational Driver's License Packet






MV-3027  Occupational Operator License Application & Instructions 


SR-22  SR-22 Certificate Information 


  Obtaining a Copy of your Driving Record