Waukesha County

Small Claims DeNovo Requests

If you are not satisfied with a decision (judgment or order) made by a Circuit Court Commissioner, you are entitled to appeal that decision to a Circuit Court Judge. In small claims there are two instances for which parties can request that the issue that was originallly decided by a Circuit Court Commissioner be heard by a judge: for review of a decision made on a motion or for a new trial. Both require a Circuit Court Judge to hear the case as if it was never heard before.

Notice of Request for De Novo Review of Motion

In Small Claims actions, the court commissioner's decision becomes a judgment unless one or both parties objects to his/her decision and requests a Trial DeNovo before a circuit court judge by filing a Notice of Request for De Novo Review of Motion. It must be filed within 10 days of an oral decision or within 15 days of the mailing of a written decision.