Waukesha County

Swimming Beaches

All beaches are now closed. Thank you for a great season!

Come splash around with us! Waukesha County Park System has six beautiful swimming beach locations:

• Fox Brook Park
• Menomonee Park
• Minooka Park 
• Mukwonago Park
• Muskego Park
• Naga-Waukee Park


Beach Rules: Swim at Your Own Risk • No Lifeguards on Duty

Fox Brook • Menomonee • Minooka • Mukwonago • Muskego • Naga-Waukee Parks
Sunrise - Sunset

Swimming allowed only in designated roped-in shallow area

Prohibited in the beach area (ie. within 40 feet of sand and beach house):
• Smoking                                 • Alcohol
• Glass                                      • Grilling
• Fishing Poles/Tackle              • Launching of watercraft

Dog swimming
Dog swimming only in designated separate dog swimming areas at
• Fox Brook
• Menomonee

Dog swimming allowed at regular sand beach area at
• Minooka 
• Mukwonago
• Muskego
• Naga-Waukee

Water quality: Tested weekly.
View water quality status online (view) and at the beaches via signage near the "throw ring" (example). Note: After heavy rainfall, bacteria levels may be elevated.

In case of emergency, call 9-1-1

More info: View all park rules.

FAQ: Waukesha County Parks Beaches & Swimming 

Do I pay to get into the park?
Yes. Here's how it works: Each vehicle needs a Parks annual membership or Parks daily permit, but users may take up to five days from date of visit to purchase (buy). Entry is not guaranteed when facilities are filled to capacity or for special events. 

Where can I check if the beach is open on any given day?
Great idea! Find info about all the beaches -- and other Parks and Lake Access conditions, closures, and maintenance -- at the Park Alerts page.

Can I check a beach's "water quality"?
Results of weekly testing are found on the Park Alerts page, too! Also, it's posted at the beach via signage near the "throw ring" (example). Note: After heavy rainfall, bacteria levels may be elevated.

Can I kayak, canoe, or paddleboard?
Yes, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards are welcome at most parks*. Some guidelines:

• No launching from the swimming beach; use only the designated watercraft launch area(s).
• Required: Properly-fitting Coast Guard-approved life jackets must be worn while on the water; remain in your watercraft at all times. More info: View watercraft rules.
• *No use of boats at Minooka Park or Muskego Park

Can I rent a kayak or SUP?
New: Self-service kiosks are now at Menomonee Park and Fox Brook Park. Rent kayaks, tandem kayaks (two-person), and stand-up paddleboards. View all the key info

What concessions are available? Can I bring outside food?

• Full-service concessions available at Fox Brook Park beach and concessions from The Tap Yard Beer Garden during their operating hours
• Vending machines available at Muskego and Naga-Waukee beaches
• Concessions from The Tap Yard Beer Garden at Menomonee beach during their operating hours
• Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages are welcome
No glass is permitted on beaches

Can I use a beach umbrella / small pop-up tent for shade?
Yes! Umbrellas are allowed on the beach; pop-up tents allowed only on turf areas and cannot be staked into the ground.

Can I use an inflatable toy or boat in the designated swim area?
Yes, only during Swim At Your Own Risk hours. 
Note: Inflatable watercraft are allowed outside of the designated swim area if all members are wearing properly fitting Coast Guard-approved lifejackets and occupants remain in the watercraft at all times. View watercraft rules.

I left something behind - what do I do?
Please connect with the park's field staff via phone or in person.

Can I bring my dog to swim?
At some beaches. View more info on where and when your doggos can paddle around.

Are there showers available?
Yes, at Fox Brook, Menomonee, Muskego, Mukwonago, and Naga-Waukee parks. Sorry, no showers at Minooka Park.

Can I scuba dive?
Yes, with a required free Scuba Dive permit. Fox Brook and Menomonee Parks only. 

Can I train for triathlon swimming outside of the designated swim area?
Yes, with a required free Triathlon Swim Training permit. Fox Brook and Menomonee Parks only. Recommended: Check-in with park staff (if possible) upon your arrival to show a copy of your permit. 

When do the beaches close for the season?
Tentative final day of beaching: September 24.