Waukesha County

Closures, alerts, and notices pertaining to snow conditions, dog exercise areas, recreational trails, and more will be posted on this page as necessary. If a notice hasn't been updated recently, that means there has been no change to the status as it is posted.

If you have any questions, please call Guest Services at 262-548-7801 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:15 pm

Dog Exercise Areas:

Updated on: Tues., December 31, 2019

Mukwonago Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN.

Minooka Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN.

NOTICE: Minooka is making slight changes to our waste management to reduce costs, risks to safety, and waste. Please dispose of all waste in the dumpsters provided along park fence line and at gated entrances. Dog Waste Bags are located at the gated entrances.

Nashotah Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN.

Mountain Bike Trails:

Updated on: Monday, Jan. 13, 2020

Minooka Park's Mountain Bike Trails are OPEN

Snow Conditions:

Updated Tuesdays and Fridays by 5 pm, or as needed, starting November 25, 2019.

Cross Country Ski Trails

 Location Status Base Conditions  Updated On

Menomonee Park Open 3" Regroomed 1/21/20. Packed and tracked. Excellent conditions.  1/21/2020
Minooka Park Open 3" XC ski open, packed and tracked, 4" very good conditions  1/21/2020
Nashotah Park Open


Packed and tracked, good conditions  1/22/2020

Reminders: Hikers must remain on designated Winter Hiking Trails.

Sledding Hills

 Location Status Base Conditions Updated On
Menomonee Park
 Open 2"  great conditions 1/21/2020
Minooka Park Open 4"  very good 1/21/2020
Mukwonago Park Open 4"   1/20/2020
Nashotah Park Open 3"  good conditions 1/22/2020


Retzer Nature Center Snowshoe Rentals

Updated on Mon., January 13, 2020
Retzer Nature Center's snowshoe rentals are AVAILABLE.
Read more about snowshoeing at Retzer Nature Center

Snowmobile Trails

For trail conditions call the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association's Hotline at (414) 299-0330.

For information about snowmobile clubs in the Waukesha area, see the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association's website at www.waukeshasnow.org.

Bridle Trails:

Updated on: MON., November 18, 2019 

Bridle Trails at Menomonee Park are CLOSED

Bridle Trails at Minooka Park are CLOSED for the season. 

Bridle Trails at Ryan Park are OPEN.