Waukesha County

Closures, alerts, and notices pertaining to beaches, dog exercise areas, lake access points, recreational trails, and more will be posted on this page as necessary. If a notice hasn't been updated recently, that means there has been no change to the status as it is posted. If you have any questions, please call Guest Services at 262-548-7801 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:15 pm.

Alert - New Berlin Trail Closure: 

Updated on: Fri., August 2, 2019

Waukesha County was notified on August 2 that We Energies will be working on a gas line under The New Berlin Trail at 164 and the Les Paul Parkway. 
We Energies will be closing the trail in this area and will be in charge of all trail access.  The project is expected to take about 2 weeks.  

Dog Exercise Areas:

Updated on: Mon., June 10, 2019

Mukwonago Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN - please use caution, areas are muddy.

Minooka Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN - please be aware of soft/muddy areas and standing water.
NOTICE: Minooka is making slight changes to our waste management to reduce costs, risks to safety, and waste. Please dispose of all waste in the dumpsters provided along park fence line and at gated entrances. Dog Waste Bags are located at the gated entrances.

Nashotah Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN.

Mountain Bike Trails:

Updated on: Weds., August 14, 2019

Minooka Park's Mountain Bike Trails are CLOSED due to muddy conditions. 

Water Quality

Waukesha County Park System consistently monitors our beaches for E. coli bacteria and blue-green algae during the swim season.
Waukesha County is committed to giving our customers the best experience at our beaches.

Routine water sampling for bacteria is performed by Waukesha County Staff and the results are posted below.

A visual check is performed for blue-green algae. If blue-green algae is suspected, the beach would be closed and sampling would be conducted with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the results would be posted below. Additional information about blue-green algae.

Water quality, swimmer's itch, and weather may all be factors in your beach planning. Always consider that weather conditions can change quickly. 

Water Quality Results

Good ≤ 235
Under Advisory =236-999
Poor ≥ 1000

Testing is based on E. coli colonies per 100 ml.


Status Condition Water Quality Sample Tested On

Fox Brook Park



1.0 ppm 8/12/2019
Menomonee Park



12.1 ppm 8/12/2019
Minooka Park Open Good 21.3 ppm 8/12/2019
Muskego Park Open Good 5.2 ppm 8/12/2019
Mukwonago Park Open Good 7.5 ppm 8/12/2019
Naga-Waukee Park Open Good 2.0 ppm 8/12/2019

Retzer Nature Center:

Updated on: Mon., July 1, 2019
Access to Retzer Environmental Learning Center building will be limited coming from the east using Madison Street due to the West Waukesha Bypass road project. See project updates
Access is available from Hwy 18 and County Rd DT. See Google Map

Bridle Trails:

Updated on: Thur., June 6, 2019 

Bridle Trails at Menomonee Park are CLOSED

Bridle Trails at Ryan Park and Minooka Park are OPEN.