Waukesha County

Swimming Beaches

Come splash around with us! Waukesha County Park System has six beautiful swimming beach locations:

• Fox Brook Park
• Menomonee Park
• Minooka Park 
• Mukwonago Park
• Muskego Park
• Naga-Waukee Park

All beaches are closed for the season. Check back soon!

Is your group visiting the beach?

Weekday Group Beach Reservations - weekdays only

Required: Groups of 25 or more must submit a "Group Beach Reservation" request to Waukesha County Parks at least ten days prior to visit date. 

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Fox Brook Beach 

Closed for the Season


Menomonee Beach

Closed for the Season

Minooka • Mukwonago • Muskego • Naga-Waukee Beaches

Closed for the Season

BeacWater Quality & Conditions

Waukesha County is committed to giving our customers the best experience at our beaches; beaches are monitored regularly during swim season for E. coli bacteria and blue-green algae.

• Bacteria: Below please find results of water sampling for bacteria
• Blue-green algae: If spotted during regular visual checks, blue-green algae requires temporary closure of the beach and sampling via Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (more info).
• Recommended: Water quality, Swimmer's Itch, and weather may all be factors in your beach planning. Always consider that weather conditions can change quickly.

Water Quality


Status Condition Water Quality* Tested On

Fox Brook Park

Closed for 2022 season

Menomonee Park

Closed for 2022 season

Minooka Park Closed for 2022 season
Muskego Park Closed for 2022 season
Mukwonago Park Closed for 2022 season
Naga-Waukee Park Closed for 2022 season

Good: less than 235* • Under Advisory: 236-999* • Poor: 1000+*

*E. coli colonies per 100 ml.