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How do I find out what zoning district my property is in?

If your property is within the County's zoning jurisdiction (see "jurisdiction" FAQ), it has been assigned to a particular zoning district. Each district outlines the zoning requirements (ex. permitted uses, building setbacks) that must be followed for properties in that particular district. The zoning requirements vary from district to district. Please contact the Planner of the Day at (262) 548-7790. You will need to have your tax key number available to give to the Planner of the Day.

It should be noted that the zoning district a property is located in differs from the land use category the property is designated as on the Waukesha County Land Development Plan - additionally, in Shoreland and Floodland areas (see "jurisdiction" FAQ), you should also check with your Town to determine if their zoning ordinance is more restrictive (Municipal Contacts).

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