• Communicable Disease

    Pertussis Outbreak

    Waukesha County and the State of Wisconsin experienced a large outbreak of pertussis in 2012. In 2012, there were 477 cases of pertussis in Waukesha County and in 2013 there were 80 cases, as compared to an average of 27 cases in a non-outbreak year.

    How can pertussis be prevented?

    Vaccines to prevent pertussis are available for infants, children, adolescents and adults. The vaccine for adolescents and adults is 70% effective according to the CDC and remains the best way to prevent the disease. It is effective in preventing severe illness and hospitalizations. Click here for an article on pertussis (whooping cough) prevention for adults.

    How is pertussis controlled in schools?

    Students and staff who are diagnosed with pertussis are isolated and do not attend school until no longer infectious (after 5 days of appropriate antibiotic). Notifications are sent to parents to increase awareness of symptoms and promote early diagnosis. Closing schools is not necessary and is not the standard approach for the control of pertussis.

    For more information on pertussis, please click here for the Pertussis Fact Sheet

    Communicable Disease

    A communicable disease is an illness that can be transmitted from person to person, animal to person, or inanimate object to person. Examples of communicable diseases include: tuberculosis, E. coli O157:H7, hepatitis A, measles, and AIDS.

    Reporting of communicable diseases is required by Wisconsin State Statute 252.05 and Wisconsin Administrative Code DHS 145. Individuals required to report communicable diseases include physicians, nurses, laboratory personnel, school and daycare personnel, and any others with knowledge of disease.

    Communicable Disease Follow-up

    Waukesha County Public Health Division is the agency designated by state law to receive reports of communicable disease in Waukesha County residents. Upon receipt of a communicable disease report, an investigation is conducted to determine the source of infection and to prevent further disease spread in the community.

    How are communicable diseases reported?

    Communicable disease reports can be received electronically through the Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS), or can be phoned, faxed or mailed to the Waukesha County Public Health Division.

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