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Waukesha County Public Health 

Waukesha County Health Department aims to prevent the spread of illness among the public by offering educational resources, communicable disease surveillance, and investigation when needed. Waukesha County Public Health has been monitoring and curating the large quantity of information made available to the public since the coronavirus (COVID-19) was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Our team of public health professionals have been hard at work preparing for and monitoring the coronavirus.

What you should know about COVID-19:

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**If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, please call your health care provider.


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News Releases

6/2/2020 Waukesha County "Stay Safe to Stay Open" Campaign Encourages Simple Actions to Mitigate COVID-19 Spread
5/27/2020 Gov. Evers Announces $200 Million "Routes to Recovery: Local Government Aid Grants" Program
5/21/2020 Gov. Evers Announces $100 Million for Long-Term Care, Home and Community Based Services, and Emergency Medical Services
5/20/2020 Gov. Evers Goes All In for Agriculture with $50 Million in Relief for Wisconsin Farmers, $15 Million Food Security Initiative​
5/20/2020 Gov. Evers Announces $25 Million Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program​
5/19/2020 Gov. Evers Announces $1 Billion Statewide Effort to Support COVID-19 Testing, Contact Tracing, Operations, and Resources for Local Communities​ 
5/18/2020 Gov. Evers Announces $75 Million We’re All In Grant Program and Initiative 
5/15/2020 Gov. Evers Announces Donation of 210,000 Procedural Masks for COVID-19 Response​
5/14/2020 Gov. Evers Approves DHS Statement of Scope, Beginning Administrative Rule Making Process
5/14/2020 Waukesha County Issues Guidelines to Help Businesses Safely Reopen During COVID-19 Pandemic
5/13/2020 Statement From Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow After Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down "Safer at Home" Order Extension
5/13/2020 Gov Evers' Statement on Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling
5/11/2020 ​Gov. Evers Announces Another Turn of the Dial for Wisconsin Businesses
5/11/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 36: Interim Order to Turn the Dial
5/11/2020 ​Gov. Evers Announces New Community Testing Sites Being Held in Milwaukee and Madison​
5/9/2020 Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System Ready and Available for Use in Wisconsin​
5/8/2020 ​Gov. Evers Announces Grant Program for Ethnically Diverse Micro-Businesses​
5/8/2020 ​Gov. Evers Announces Best Practices and Safety Guidelines for Wisconsin Businesses​ 
5/6/2020 Gov. Evers Continues to Expand Community Testing Programs, Announces New Online Tool​
5/6/2020 Waukesha County Courthouse Will Expand Hours, Increase Hearings and In-Person Services
5/5/2020 Gov. Evers Details Expanded COVID-19 Contact Tracing Efforts
5/4/2020 Waukesha County Kicks Off Plan to Increase COVID-19 Testing with Three-Day Drive-Thru Test Site
5/4/2020 ​​Gov. Evers Announces Plan to Make Wisconsin One of the Top States in Testing Per Capita
5/3/2020 ​Wisconsin Welcomes Donation of PPE from Sister State in China​
5/3/2020 Gov. Evers Announces Additional Community Testing Events in Northwest Wisconsin​ 
5/3/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 35: Relating to the Dept of Health Services and Dept of Safety and Professional Services
5/2/2020 Gov. Evers Announces New UV Decontamination Site in Sawyer County
5/1/2020 ​Wisconsin Department of Justice To Release More than 10,000 Records to Republican Lawmaker​
5/1/2020 Gov. Evers ICYMI: Wisconsin National Guard Conducting Mobile Testing at Sites Around the State
5/1/2020 ​Gov. Evers Announces the Launch of Community Testing Events
4/29/2020 Gov. Evers​, Dozens of Organizations Representing More than One Million Wisconsinites Voice Support for Safer at Home Extension​
4/28/2020 Evers Administration Seeks to Save Lives, Stop Republican Lawsuit​
4/28/2020 ​Gov. Evers ICYMI: More than 200 Organizations, Businesses, Elected Officials, and Medical Professionals Support Safer at Home Efforts​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
4/28/2020 Gov. Evers Directs DNR to Reopen Several State Parks and Forests with Special Conditions​
4/27/2020 ​Gov. Evers Announces Expanded Opportunities for Certain Nonessential Businesses​
4/27/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 34: Interim Order to Turn the Dial​
4/23/2020 Waukesha County Ramps Up Contact Tracing to Aid in Safe Re-opening of Wisconsin Businesses
4/23/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 33: Department of Revenue Administrative Rule Suspensions
4/23/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 32: Relating to the Operation of an Alternative Care Facility at State Fair Park
4/20/2020 Gov. Evers Announces Badger Bounce Back Plan
4/20/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 31: Badger Bounce Back Plan
4/20/2020 ​Gov. Evers Announces Big Steps to Increase COVID-19 Testing Capacity​
4/17/2020 Waukesha County Coordinates Donations of Personal Hygiene Kits for Local Community Shelters
4/17/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 30: Department of Natural Resources Administrative Rule Suspensions
4/17/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 29: University of Wisconsin System Administrative Rule Suspensions
4/16/2020 Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow Statement on Extended "Safer at Home" Order
4/16/2020 Gov. Evers Directs DHS to Extend Wisconsin's Safer at Home Order​ 
4/16/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 28: Safer at Home Order Update
4/15/2020 Garden Rental Opportunity at Waukesha County Rental Gardens During Pandemic
4/15/2020 Gov. Evers' Statement on Passage of COVID-19 Response Legislation
4/15/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 27: Relating to Tourism's Joint Effort Marketing
4/14/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 26: Relating to Department of Children and Families Administrative Rule Suspensions
4/14/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 25: Relating to Additional Safety Measures Related to the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) and Migrant Labor Camps
4/12/2020 Waukesha County Courts "Drop Box" Replaces Some In-Person Services, Public Services Counters Will Close
4/11/2020 Gov. Evers Announces Second Alternative Care Facility at Alliant Energy Center​
4/10/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 24: Relating to the Department of Transportation Emergency Overweight Commodity Permits
4/10/2020 Gov. Evers Announces COVID-19 Volunteer Program​
4/9/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 23: Related to the Department of Veterans Affairs Assistance to Needy Veterans Program
4/9/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 22: Relating to Certain Timelines Established by the Department of Safety and Professional Services
4/9/2020 Gov. Evers Reiterates Options Available for Religious Gatherings and Services
4/9/2020 Gov. Evers Announces Construction of Alternative Care Facility at Wisconsin State Fair Park
4/9/2020 Gov. Evers Directs DNR To Close 40 State Parks, Forests And Recreational Areas
4/8/2020 ​Gov. Evers Calls for Bipartisan Legislative Action on COVID-19 Relief and Support Package
4/7/2020 ​Gov. Evers' Message to Wisconsinites on Election Day
4/6/2020 Gov. Evers Statement on Supreme Court of Wisconsin Ruling Allowing In-Person Voting Tomorrow
4/6/2020 ​Gov. Evers Suspends In-Person Voting, Calls Legislature into Special Session on April 7 Election​ 
4/6/2020 Gov. Evers Executive Order 74, Relating to suspending in-person voting on April 7, 2020
4/3/2020 Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow Issues Executive Order to Suspend Some Public Transit Route Trips
4/3/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 21: Relating to the Department of Health Services Administrative Rule Suspensions and Order
4/3/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 20: Relating to Modification of Emergency Order #16
4/3/2020 Gov. Evers Emergency Order 19: Appropriate Use of COVID-19 Information
4/3/2020 Gov. Evers Calls for Special Session on Spring Election
4/3/2020 Gov. Evers Executive Order 73, Relating to a Special Session of the Legislature
4/2/2020 ​Gov. Evers' Statement on Judge Conley's Order Regarding Upcoming April 7 Election
4/2/2020 ​Gov. Ev​ers' Statement on Upcoming April 7 Election​
4/1/2020 Gov. Evers Announces Second Package of Comprehensive Legislative Proposals Providing COVID-19 Relief and Support
3/31/2020 Waukesha County Public Health Announces First Resident Death Due to COVID-19
3/31/2020 ​Gov. Evers Announces Additional Shipment of Personal Protective Equipment from the Strategic National Stockpile
3/31/2020 Gov. Evers Announces State-Operated Voluntary Isolation Facilities and Guidance to Aid Local Communities in Opening Their Own​
3/31/2020 Gov. Evers Requests Presidential Disaster Declaration in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic​​
3/31/2020 Gov. Evers Suspends Rules to Help Keep Youth Safe and Vital Services Functioning
3/31/2020 Emergency Order 18: Relating to Department of Children and Families Administrative Rule Suspensions 
3/30/2020 Gov. Evers Announces New Public-Private Partnership to Increase COVID-19 Laboratory Testing Capacity
3/27/2020 Emergency Order 17: Department of Natural Resources Administrative Rule Suspension
3/27/2020 Gov. Evers Issues Order to Expedite Expansion, Enhance Efficiency of Healthcare Workforce​
3/27/2020 Gov. Evers Suspends Evictions and Foreclosures During Public Health Emergency​
3/27/2020 Emergency Order 16: Relating to Certain Health Care Providers and the Department of Safety and Professional Services Credentialing​
3/27/2020 Emergency Order 15: Temporary Ban on Evictions and Foreclosures​
3/27/2020 Emergency Order 14: Relating to Extending the Department of Transportation Emergency Permits to Assist with Grocery Supply Efforts
3/27/2020 Emergency Order 13: Order to the Department of the Workforce Development Regarding Minor Work Permits
3/26/2020 Gov. Evers Launches Wisconsin's COVID-19 PPE Program
3/25/2020 Waukesha County Municipal Clerks Encourage Online Registration, Absentee Voting During COVID-19 Pandemic
3/25/2020 Waukesha County Parks, Trails Remain Open During Public Health Emergency
3/24/2020 Waukesha County Services Updates Focus on Employee, Public Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic
3/24/2020 Sheriff Update - Coronavirus Disease and “Safer at Home” order
3/24/2020 Emergency Order 12: Safer at Home Order​ (English)
3/24/2020 Emergency Order 12: Safer at Home Order​ (Spanish)
3/24/2020 Waukesha County Emergency Management Open To Donations For Fire Departments to Combat COVID-19
3/23/2020 Statement from Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow as "Safer at Home" Order Expected Soon for Wisconsin
3/23/2020 Changes to Waukesha County Home Delivered Meals Program
3/21/2020 DHS Recognizes Community Spread of COVID-19 in Waukesha County
3/21/2020 Waukesha Metro and Waukesha Metrolift Suspension of Fares
3/21/2020 Emergency Order 11: Public Service Commission Administrative Rule Suspensions
3/21/2020 Emergency Order 10: Department ​of Public Instruction Administration Rule Suspension and Emergency Orders
3/20/2020 Emergency Order 9: Order to the Department of Corrections
3/20/2020 Emergency Order 8: Updated Mass Gathering Order 
3/20/2020 DHS Updated Guidance for Local Health Departments and Government Partners About Home Isolation and Quarantine for COVID-19

BCD Recommendations for Active Symptom Monitoring Update for Employees in Health Care Settings

3/20/2020 Waukesha County Jail Implements New Precautions in Response to COVID-19
3/19/2020 Waukesha County 9-1-1 Implements New Procedures to Accomodate COVID-19 Emergency Response
3/18/2020 Waukesha County Activates EOC to Help Contain COVID-19
3/18/2020 Emergency Order 7: Order to the Department of Workforce Development Regarding Unemployment Insurance​
3/18/2020 Emergency Order 6: Order Restricting the Size of Child Care Settings
3/17/2020 Emergency Order 5: Prohibiting Mass Gathers of 10 or More 
3/17/2020 Members of the Public Urged to Stop Calling 911 for Non-Emergency Symptoms
3/16/2020 Emergency Order 4: Prohibiting Mass Gathers of 50 or More
3/15/2020 Emergency Order 3: Order for Department of Children and Families Administrative Rule Suspension and Emergency Orders
3/15/2020 CDC Guidance to Cancel or Postpone Gatherings of 50 People or More for Next 8 Weeks 
3/14/2020 Emergency Order 2:​ Order for Department of Transportation Permits to Assist with Grocery Supply Efforts​
3/13/2020 Emergency Order 1: Statewide School Closure​
3/13/2020 Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow's Statement on Mass Gatherings
3/13/2020 Waukesha County Temporary Closure of Senior Dining Centers
3/13/2020 Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow Statement on Area Schools & School Districts
3/13/2020 Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow Declares State of Emergency 
3/12/2020 State Executive Order 72: Relating to Declaring a Health Emergency in Response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus​
3/11/2020 DHS Three Additional Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed in Wisconsin