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Child and Family Services

Our Purpose

To provide high quality, individualized, culturally responsive mental health and substance use services that help people improve their health, safety, well-being, and quality of life

Our Mission

The Department of Health and Human Services provides a variety of direct and collaborative services to families and their children. Some families face the problems of child abuse or neglect. Others confront difficulties, which may threaten the ability of children to live within the family. Emphasis is on protection and establishing a permanent living situation for the children with their own family. These services are provided in order to create strong environments for the health and development of children. For more information please visit Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Services for Child and Family include:

April 2023: 

The Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services, Child and Family Services division has awarded $350,000 in ARPA funding between four community agencies. Interested agencies submitted applications for the opportunity to improve the services available to Waukesha families at-risk of or currently involved in the child welfare and youth justice systems. Applications were selected based on program design, outcomes, and the ability for the proposed service to best serve identified community unmet needs. The selected agencies will offer services to youth, caregivers, and families through numerous evidence-based and Family First focused interventions, through different access points.

Waukesha County Health and Human Services is very excited to offer this funding opportunity to these agencies to increase the variety of services offered, and access to them. An awardee conference meeting between Waukesha County project staff and the awarded agencies is in the process of being scheduled and the new services will commence in the coming months.

Children with Special Needs (CSN)

Children's Long Term Support Waiver (CLTS):The Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) Waiver Program is a Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) Waiver that provides Medicaid funding for children who have substantial limitations in their daily activities and need support to remain in their home or community. Eligible children include those with developmental disabilities, severe emotional disturbances, and physical disabilities. Funding can be used to support a range of different services based on an assessment of the needs of the child and his or her family. There are a broad range of services offered through the Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) Waiver Program to meet the needs and goals of your child and your family. These services may help your child perform activities of daily living, participate in home and community activities, control their environment, and have enriched surroundings.

Children's Community Options Program (CCOP): The Children’s Community Options Program (CCOP) provides a coordinated approach to supporting families who have a child with a disability. This approach recognizes and maximizes the family’s capacity, resiliency, and unique abilities. The intention is to better support, nurture, and facilitate self-determination, interdependence, and inclusion in all facets of community life for the child and family.  Through a collaborative relationship with the family, supports and services aimed at achieving desired outcomes are identified, prioritized, and implemented. Strategies must be flexible, coordinated, and effective. These strategies may include: Information, education, and training on advocating on behalf of the child, leadership, and the full array of supports and services available in each community.

**All children or young adults must meet the basic requirements listed below for CLTS Waiver and CCOP Program eligibility. To qualify for certain types of funding, there may be additional requirements to participate in the CLTS Waiver Program, your child must meet the following criteria: be under 22 years of age, be eligible for Wisconsin Medicaid, live at home, in a foster care setting or in another eligible community-based setting, have a level of care need that is typically provided in an institutional setting such as a hospital, a nursing home, or an institution for people with developmental disabilities, be able to receive safe and appropriate care at home and/or in the community; and be able to receive safe and appropriate care at home and/or in the community that does not have a cost to the Wisconsin Medicaid Program that exceeds the cost Medicaid would pay if the child were in an institution.

**Any parent/guardian wishing to apply for special needs programs should contact the Children's Intake line at 262-896-3397.**

CSN Quality Assurance Survey Results:

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Birth to Three Program:
Also available is the Birth to Three Program, an early intervention program for children with developmental delays. The program is available to families with children aged birth to three years. Information can be found by calling 414-246-2315.