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Child and Family Services

The Department of Health and Human Services provides a variety of direct and collaborative services to families and their children. Some families face the problems of child abuse or neglect. Others confront difficulties, which may threaten the ability of children to live within the family. Emphasis is on protection and establishing a permanent living situation for the children with their own family. These services are provided in order to create strong environments for the health and development of children.

Services for Child and Family include:

  • Assessment
  • Family Intervention/Counseling
  • Court Related Services
  • Parent Education
  • Foster Care, Treatment Foster Care, Group Home, and Residential Treatment
  • Become a Foster Parent or call (262) 548-7675.

Medicaid Home & Community Waiver Program:
The Children’s Long Term Support [CLTS] Medicaid Waiver provides funding for goods and services to help support and maintain children, who have been diagnosed with a developmental, physical or mental health disability, in their home. In addition to the diagnosis, these children must have a significant functional impairment based on their disability.

Some waiver slots are "fully-funded" by Medicaid. Most of these slots are for children with an autism-spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis (specifically Autism, Aspergers syndrome or PDD-NOS). In order to qualify for these funds, a child must have a qualifying diagnosis, be determined "disabled" by the Disability Determination Bureau, and have their name placed on the State's waiting list prior to the age of eight (8). These slots are awarded on a first come - first served basis from a statewide waiting list. Other waiver slots require a "local-Match" (approximately 40%) from the county.

Fully-funded slots for children with an ASD diagnosis are divided into two parts. The first part, lasting for a maximum of three (3) years, is “intensive” in nature and provides between 20-35 hours per week of in-home autism treatment services to the child, and must be provided by a State-sanctioned treatment provider. The second portion, called the “ongoing” or post-intensive portion of the waiver, provides fewer hours per week of services but allows for more parental choice as to the type of service the family wants to utilize.

All children on the waiver must be reassessed annually to see if their functional limitations remain significant enough to qualify for waiver funding. If they continue to qualify, the children can receive such services until they reach the age of twenty-two (22) or until funding begins through the adult servce system.

Family Support Program (FSP):
FSP is another funding source for children with special needs. This program can be used to purchase goods and services required to keep a qualified child safely in their home. The program allows grants for up to $3,000/child/year. Generally, grants are for a lesser amount. These grants are based on identified need and desired outcome. Eligibility for these funds is based on an assessment tool called the children's functional screen. Funding awards are determined annually, based on a needs-based questionnaire that the parents complete.

How to apply for these programs:

CompassWisconsin: Threshold will provide Waukesha County families with a unified point of intake and eligibility for children's long-term support services as of June 1, 2011.

CompassWisconsin: Threshold. is a unified point of intake serving Waukesha County families that wish to apply for long-term support services for their child. Families wishing to apply for these programs should contact the consultant for CompassWisconsin: Threshold, at 414-345-6338.

Waiting List:
There is a waitlist for both the CLTS and FSP programs that are administered by Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services. We encourage families to apply for these programs as soon as possible. While the CompassWisconsin: Threshold process also determines eligibility for the Community Options Programs (COP), it is important for families to know that funding for this program is not currently available to children in Waukesha County. For information about a waitlist for the Katie Beckett Program, please contact the CompassWisconsin: Threshold, at 414-345-6338.

Birth to Three Program:
Also available is the Birth to Three Program, an early intervention program for children with developmental delays. The program is available to families with children aged birth to three years. Information can be found by calling (262) 896-6880.