Waukesha County

Healthy Boundaries for Youth Who Act Out Sexually 

Our goal is to maintain the family unit while coping with difficult situations that come from an adolescent acting out sexually. We use a community-based service model in our treatment modality.

  • We know that this can be a tough time for families, and it is important for them to know they are not alone.
  • We do not use terminology that would label a child such as sex offender or abuser. We know that adolescents make poor choices, and acting out sexually does not define who they are as a person.
  • We take sexual allegations seriously and want to find a balance for safety of the community and treatment for the youth.
  • We work with the youth and the family during the court process.
  • We focus on a strength-based model and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach with clients and their families receiving Healthy Boundaries services.
  • We offer groups for youth and their parents as part of the treatment process.
  • We have the ability to provide trauma therapy when individuals need additional resources.

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