Waukesha County

Waukesha County History of Judiciary

Branch 1

Levi Hubbell (1848-1856)2 
Alexander W. Randall (1856-1858) 
Arthur MacArthur, Sr. (1858-1869) 
David W. Small (1870-1881) 
Charles A. Hamilton (1881-1882)  
A. Scott Sloan (1882-1895)3 
Warham Parks (1895-1896) 
James J. Dick (1896) 
Martin L. Lueck (1906-1923) 
Charles M. Davidson (1923) 
Edward J. Gehl (1940-1949)7 
Milton L. Meister (1949) 
William O'Connell (1951-1952) 
Allen D. Young (1952-1958) 
William E. Gramling (1958-1977) 
Max Raskin (1977-1980) 
Harry G. Snyder (1981-1991) 
Joseph Wimmer (1991-2000) 
Michael O. Bohren (2000-Present) 

Branch 2

Martin Field (1857)
Samuel A. Randles (1860-1869)
Patrick H. Carney (1869-1873)
Milton S. Griswold (1873-1877)
John C. Snover (1878-1881)
Frank H. Putney (1882-1885)
R.C. Hathaway (1887-1889)
Thomas C. Martin (1891-1892)
Milton S. Griswold (1893-1909)
David W. Agnew (1909-1942)
Allen D. Young (1942-1952)
William E. Gramling (1952-1958)5
Clair H. Voss (1960-1978)
Ness Flores (1979-1981)
Mark S. Gempeler (1982-2008)
Richard Congdon (2009-2010)
Mark D. Gundrum (2010-2011)
Jennifer R. Dorow (2012-Present)

Branch 3

David L. Dancey (1958-1980)
Roger P. Murphy (1981-1999)
Ralph M. Ramirez (1999-Present)

Branch 4

William G. Callow (1962-1977)8 
Patrick L. Snyder (1978-2003) 
Paul F. Reilly (2003-2010) 
Kathleen B. Stilling (2010-2011) 
Lloyd V. Carter (2011-Present) 

Branch 5

Harold Wollenzein (1966-1990) 
Lee S. Dreyfus, Jr. (1990-2020)
J. Arthur Melvin III (2020 Present)

Branch 6

Robert T. McGraw (1973-1990) 
J. Mac Davis (1990-1996) 
Patrick C. Haughney (1996-2018)
Brad D. Schimel (2019-Present) 

Branch 7

Neal P. Nettesheim (1975-1983)
Jess Martinez, Jr. (1983-1985)
Clair H. Voss (1985-1997)
J. Mac Davis (1997- 2015)
Maria S. Lazar (2015 - 2022)
Frederick J. Strampe (2023 - 2023)
Cody J. Horlacher (2023 - Present)

Branch 8

John P. Buckley (1979-1985)
James R. Kieffer (1985-2015)
Michael P. Maxwell (2015 - Present)

Branch 9

Willis Zick (1979-1994)
Donald J. Hassin, Jr. (1994-2014)
Michael J. Aprahamian (2014-Present)

Branch 10

Marianne E. Becker (1985-2003) 
Linda M. VanDeWater (2003-2015) 
Paul Bugenhagen, Jr. (2015 - Present)

Branch 11

Robert G. Mawdsley (1988-2009) 
William J. Domina (2010-Present) 

Branch 12

Kathryn W. Foster     (1988-2018)   Laura F. Lau      (2018-Present) 


Circuit Court Commissioners

(Not a Complete Listing)

Daniel J. Hemlock (1899)
Ernest Merton (1899)
T.W. Parkinson (1899)
A.J. Dopp (1899)
Edwin Hurlbut (1899)
Oscar F. Jones (1899)
John A. Kelley (1907)
V.H. Tichenor (1919)
George E. Robinson (1923)
Anthony G. Derse (1923)
G. Holmes Daubner (1929)
Austin Baird (1937)
Vincent J. Collins (1956)
A. Warren Cahill (1959)
Ken Krause (1978)
David F. Pike (1984-2012)
Gerald Janis (1985-2000)
Donald J. Hassin, Jr. (1988-1994)
Linda M. Georgeson (1991-2013)
Sally M. Lunde (1992-2017)
Martin Binn (1994-2011)
Sally Rubenzer (1997-1998)
Thomas J. Pieper (1998-2016)
Laura A. Lau (2000-2018)
Linda J. Saafir (2012-2021)
Robert F. Dehring, Jr. (2013-2017)
Molly J. Jasmer (2017-2018)
Sara P. Scullen (2017-2020)
Joshua Cronin (2018-2020)
Martin Binn (2021-2023)
Linda Sinitz (2021-2023)
Kevin Costello (2018-Present)
Paul R. Nowakowski (2018-Present)
David Herring (2020-Present)
Daniel Rieck (2020-Present)
Christopher Bailey (2021-Present)


 Clerks of Circuit Court

Lemuel White (1853) 
John Forbes (1860) 
John A. Williams (1860) 
P.H. Carney (1863) 
John Forbes (1865) 
R.B. Rowlands (1867) 
William R. Williams (1869) 
W.S. Greene (1875) 
M.L. Snyder (1878) 
Thomas C. Martin (1882) 
E.J. Evans (1887) 
Andrew Snyder (1891) 
Cameron W. Fraser (1894) 
John G. Gorth (1899) 
Chauncy J. Fraser (1903) 
Elmer M. Webb (1909) 
Harvey E. Sims (1917) 
Harry T. Philips (1919) 
Samuel D. Connell (1925) 
Harry F. Miller (1965) 
Virginia E. Hunkins (1978) 
Cynthia Ernst (1990) 
Carolyn T. Evenson (1999) 
Kathleen A. Madden (2008-2018)
Gina M. Colletti ( 2018-2020)
Monica Paz (2021-Present)


Additional Information

1Branch 1 has had many different structures. Originally, Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties were included. At some point, Dodge, Washington Waukesha and Ozaukee made up the branch, until 1952 when Waukesha became its own circuit.

2The legislature established County Courts with probate jursidiction as early at 1849. The role of the County Court was to construe wills; appoint guardians; administer testamentary trusts; hear objections to marriage licenses and refuse to grant them; issue orders in adoption proceedings; make findings and orders under the farm drainage law; appoint commissioners; and determine inheritance laws. They also could commit people for mental health reasons.

3Waukesha County was added to 13th Circuit in 1882

4The judicial reorganization of 1977 abolished county judges and the county branches became circuit branches. The list for Branch 2 reflects county judges until 1960 when Waukesha received a second circuit court branch. Branches 8 and 9 were added due to the 1977 judicial reorganization.

5Circuit Branch 2 was vacant until May of 1960.

6Until the late 1950's, Court Commissioners were generally private practice attorneys who heard matters in their own offices.

71940's Judge Edward J. Gehl went on to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court

81960's Judge William G. Callow went on to serve on the Wisconsin Supreme Court

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Research conducted by Victoria L. Davis and Jack L. Davila, Law Clerks - 2010.

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