Waukesha County

Wisconsin's recycling law requires every citizen in Wisconsin to recycle materials that are banned from landfills.  This law also applies to businesses, institutions, and special events.

Food Recovery for Businesses

Restaurants and food services can reduce waste, save disposal costs and benefit the community at the same time. Restaurants, hotels, and companies with foodservice operations can donate surplus food to those in need as part of their waste reduction programs. Establishing a food donation program is simple. Beyond the environmental and cost savings benefits of food donations, your company will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped feed someone who otherwise might have gone hungry.

Consider the Food Pantry of Waukesha County!

Recycling Other Materials

Are you searching for an outlet to recycle something else?  Check out the Wisconsin Recycling Markets Directory (WRMD).  Users can search the list of recyclers for various materials, view information about recyclers and suggest additional recyclers to include in the listing.

No endorsement of any business is intended. 
Fees may apply.
There are no publicly-owned landfills in Waukesha County.

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