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Conservation in the Parks Programs

Waukesha County has worked to acquire natural areas of regional and statewide ecological significance containing a diversity of ecotypes and rare flora and fauna found within the area.

Our Conservation in the Parks Programs are focused on working with our communities to promote environmental stewardship, provide research and educational opportunities, and create healthier natural areas throughout Waukesha County.

View our 2022 Annual Volunteer Report

The natural areas within the park system contain a variety of habitat types including, oak savanna, oak woodland, maple-basswood forest, fens, prairie, southern mesic forest, lowland hardwood swamps, and wetlands.

Effectively protecting and managing these diverse and unique natural resources is of paramount importance in preserving the ecological integrity and function of these green spaces for the enjoyment of generations to come. Our staff, volunteers, and corporate sponsors work together to restore and monitor the natural areas and species within them throughout the Park System. 

Citizen Science Volunteer Research Support

Reptile conservation, bird conservation, wildlife nest box monitoring, mammal monitoring, wetland monitoring, and invertebrate monitoring.

Habitat Projects Support

Habitat restoration volunteer workdays, self-led garlic mustard removal, rare plant conservation, and photo point monitoring

Financial Support

The Parkland Conservation Fund is a stewardship fund focused on conservation and park enhancements. 

Become a Citizen Scientist Volunteer

Help gather data on wildlife species within the Park System to assist in making sure that common species remain common and that rare, threatened, and endangered species are protected. This data will also help our staff plan and prioritize their land management and habitat restoration efforts. Monitors are trained to use protocols to gather and record data in the field. For some projects, monitors may work independently or with trained personnel.

For any project, attendance at a training program is required and all equipment will be provided. No prior experience required. Questions? Email our Conservation Biologist.

Snakes • Turtles

Monitor bats in the parks with high-tech detectors.

Document breeding and migratory birds in natural areas.

Bumble Bees • Butterflies • Dragonflies & Damselflies
Raising Galerucella Beetles

Asian Clams • Freshwater Mussels
Raising Galerucella Beetles

Monitor nesting boxes • count eggs, hatchlings, fledglings

Stewardship Projects

Help study and improve the health of our prairies, wetlands, and woodlands by taking part in one of our stewardship projects. From planting trees and native wildflowers to removing invasive species that are having a negative effect on our natural areas, you can become a certified Site Steward through training with Park and partner organization staff or simply attend a public habitat restoration workday when it’s convenient for you! 

Questions? Email our Conservation Biologist.

2022 Volunteer Annual Report

The Waukesha County Park System had another exceptional year of volunteerism from businesses, organizations, families, and individuals. Check out some of our discoveries in this annual report.

updated Feb 9, 2023 


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