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Help protect Waukesha County's Natural Areas and Parklands

The Parkland Conservation Fund was created in 2019 to help protect, restore, and enhance greenspaces throughout the Waukesha County Park System. This stewardship fund focuses on wildlife habitat conservation, restoration and improvements to natural areas.

The dedicated fund is an opportunity to invest in local natural resources, public lands and parks for generations to come. Your financial gift will support important projects and will help preserve the diversity of ecotypes found throughout the park system.

Projects are evaluated and selected annually by the County Park System’s Ecology Team.

See current projects below:

Nashotah Park Native Prairie Restoration

Creating Pollinator Habitat with Native Prairie Plantings

Restoration of old agricultural fields into native prairie habitat. Native plantings provide habitat for birds, pollinators, and other insects. The beauty of blooming flowers will also add to the natural beauty of Nashotah Park. Read more about this no-mow area in our FAQ Document.

Thanks to the generous donations to the Parkland Conservation Fund and support from Project Wingspan’s Pollinator Partnership, staff has successfully drill-seeded 13 acres of native prairie plants! Approximately 7 acres remain!

Please donate to help us complete the next phases.

  • Phase I: Completed in 2020
  • Phase 2 & 3: 65% to Our Goal - Help Us Reach It

Monches Property Reforestation

Planting a diversity of shrubs and trees along the Oconomowoc River Greenway to reduce pollution from agricultural land and improve water quality. A partnership with the Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program (OWPP). Please donate to help us complete the next phases.

Thanks to the generous donations to the Parkland Conservation Fund and volunteer tree planting events, over 300 trees and shrubs have been added. Approximately 800 more native trees over 16 acres remain!

  • Phase I: Completed in 2020
  • Phase 2: Completed in 2021 
  • Phase 3: Completed in 2022
  • Phase 4: 33% to Our Goal - Help Us Reach It
  • Phase 5-6: Up next!

Donate Today!

Each donation makes a difference and has the option to be recognized by a Certificate of Commitment.

  • Stewardship or Tribute Donation: Give an individual gift or a gift to celebrate a special occasion, or pay tribute to a friend.
  • No Recognition Donation: You would prefer to remain anonymous and/or do not want a Certificate of Commitment

Donate Online

Donate By Mail

  • Please make checks payable to the “Parkland Conservation Fund.”
  • Download and fill out this form to send with your check.
  • If you would like a Certificate of Commitment, please identify what type of wording you would like.

Mail completed form and check to:
Waukesha County Park System
515 W. Moreland Blvd., AC 230
Waukesha, WI 53188 

Charitable contributions given directly to Waukesha County are tax-deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.