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We, the employees of Waukesha County Communications, are dedicated to upholding our core values. With the understanding that these same core values are the solid foundation we can build upon to create a culture at Waukesha County Communication Center that everyone can be proud of.


I, as an employee of Waukesha County Communications, possess core family values which include care, honesty, integrity and guidance.  When people work together as closely as we do, we depend on each other, we trust each other, we understand each other, we support each other, we unconditionally accept and respect each other – all of which are pieces of the puzzle that make up a family. In doing so I recognize that: I am different, yet I can accomplish the job. I have personal opinions, yet I share with you the same understanding of the difficulties of the job. I am independent, yet I look to you for support and encouragement. I am a member of a team that works well together. When I am with you we are family.


Integrity is being proud on both personal and professional levels. Integrity is assuring that I am holding myself accountable, that I am performing at the highest possible standard and with the highest level of honor. I show integrity by demonstrating my commitment to strong morals and ethics. I am always honest; I am committed to doing the right thing when things become difficult, even when nobody is watching. I stand behind my decisions and expect to be held accountable for my actions. Showing integrity is sharing responsibility, pulling my own weight by avoiding laziness, and not being a burden on my co-workers. Integrity is showing pride for the profession and constantly striving to improve skills despite tenure. I demonstrate my integrity by remaining teachable, not shying away from educating others, being open to change and improvement, being humble, taking the lead and setting a positive example, being knowledgeable in knowing where to find information, and always taking advantage of new learning opportunities to strengthen my skills and abilities.


Respect is being considerate and showing appreciation for the public, the agencies that I dispatch for and my co-workers, as these are the people I represent. While working for Waukesha County Communications I strive to treat all co-workers fairly while valuing everyone’s strengths and embracing their weaknesses. Respect must be earned and maintained by being professional under all circumstances, having a good work ethic, and treating others as I would expect to be treated. Respect is being sensitive to the needs of others, speaking in an appropriate tone of voice and using professional language, utilizing appropriate body language and maintaining a non-condescending attitude. By practicing personal accountability, keeping an open mind, taking the time to get to know my co-workers and maintaining faith in the abilities of my co-workers, WCC will be a respectful organization.


To take responsibility = To “OWN IT!”

As an employee at Waukesha County Communications, I determine my success through the practice of my responsibilities. I am accountable for achieving my own success by constantly studying materials and staying current with the most up to date information, being open to perpetual learning, being professional, and being knowledgeable about correctly performing our job duties. As a member of the organization, it is my duty to hold myself liable for my job performance; ignorance is not an excuse. I must admit when I am wrong. I must take ownership of my actions. I will be respectful to others, use appropriate and non-offensive body language, be open to feedback and constructive criticism, practice active listening and anticipate the needs of others. As a team member of the organization, it is my duty to follow up on my tasks as well as to start what I finish. Be reliable and dependable in every action. I must be non-discriminatory in all of my actions. No matter the level of experience or length of service, I must go above and beyond to make every member of the organization feel welcomed.


Waukesha County Communications provides emergency and non-emergency services. I, as an employee of WCC am highly trained to perform with accuracy and professionalism assisting the public. I continually strive to always give100%. I demonstrate empathy and compassion, I anticipate the needs of the public, I am professional and genuinely care about the job I perform. I try to maintain a positive attitude and count on my co-workers to be there for me when I need positive reinforcement. If I do not have the answers, know where to find those answers by relying on the strengths of my co-workers. As a member of the team, I focus on the end result which is providing the absolute best service possible.


Success is built on trust. Trust is a combination of honesty, accountability, dependability and reliability. It is knowing myself as well as knowing others and having the faith and confidence that the duties will be performed accurately and in a timely fashion. Trust must be earned; it is not freely given. Once that trust is earned, the doors are opened between co-workers for better communication, better relationships and better job performance, all with one common goal – to get the job done well. Having trust amongst co-workers creates honesty, more consistency and a sense of comfort which, in turn, allows for better work performance and work environment.

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