Waukesha County

If you’ve ever called 9-1-1 before you’ve heard the men and women behind the scenes making the wheels roll and providing that calm cool voice in your time of need.  9-1-1 Dispatchers are the TRUE "First" First Responders in any incident once that phone call is made.  Serving as a member of Waukesha County Communications Center is not a job or a career, it is a CALLING!


Does that sound like something that interests you? Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of making a difference every day you come to work? Every day at WCC is different, you never know what that next phone call might be. Is it a vehicle accident with injuries? Giving step by step instructions on how to deliver a baby? Helping an elderly man who has just fallen? No matter what the situation we’re basically controlling chaos one call at a time!

This career requires a commitment to Family, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Service and Trust, and those core values will ensure you become a valuable asset to Waukesha County Communications!

Your first job would be to fill out the application! Read through our job description and responsibilities, if you’re ready to make the commitment and meet the basic job requirements we’d love to hear from you!