Waukesha County

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 262-548-7585

Notice: The Register of Deeds office cannot provide legal advice. If you need assistance drafting or interpreting legal documents, you can contact a Real Estate Attorney, Title Company, or the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Lawyer Referral Service (https://www.wisbar.org/forPublic/INeedaLawyer/Pages/i-need-a-lawyer.aspx or call 1-800-362-9082).

Documents in our office will be accepted from 8:00am to 4:00pm, but will not be recorded immediately. They are recorded in the order of receipt, which is generally within 1-3 business days. It normally takes between 14-21 business days for a document submitted by mail to be returned.

***Beginning January 1, 2024, a Parcel Identification Number (commonly referred to as a Tax ID Number) will be required on all conveyance documents recorded in the Waukesha County Register of Deeds Office. ***

The Parcel Identification Number can be found on your tax bill. You can find your this by visiting the Tax Listing Department at:

https://tax.waukeshacounty.gov/Default.aspx or calling (262) 896-8557.

Enter your name or address, select your property by choosing Property Details or Tax Bill Details and the Parcel Identification Number will be in the top middle of the screen.

Downloadable Recording Instructions: Click Here

Recording Fees:
Standard Documents (Deeds, Mortgages, etc): $30.00
Subdivision, Condominium, and Cemetery Plats: $50.00
Transportation Project Plats: $25.00
(If there is a transfer fee due when filling out the Electronic Real Estate Transfer Return (ERETR) for conveyance documents, include this with your payment at the time of recording.)

Payment for recording fees must be check or money order only made payable to: "Register of Deeds".

Documents with the proper fees can be mailed to:

Register of Deeds
515 W Moreland Blvd AC110
Waukesha, WI 53188

Regarding Terminations of Decedent's Interest documents:
Please see this memo regarding a change (3/4/2020) to the Termination of Decedent's Interest form. It is no longer required to provide a death certificate when recording this document.The new form is available by clicking here. Instructions for completing the form are available by clicking here.

Submitting Documents
The Recording Division does not offer appointments or in-person recording services. Customers can submit documents to be recorded through the mail by using the address listed above, by the dropbox located outside of our office door, or by using one of our eRecording vendors.

Submitting Plats of Survey
Plats of Survey can be submitted to our office through the mail by using the address listed above, by the dropbox located outside of our office door, or electronically through email as multi-page PDF or TIFF files (TIFF files are preferred if possible) to [email protected]. If you have more than five (5) plats of survey to submit electronically, you will be directed to use the mail or dropbox option.

Document Size Limit
Documents containing more than 200 pages must be e-recorded. Please contact a title company or one of our eRecording vendors for more information.