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Genealogy appointments are now available.  You may schedule your appointment Tuesday-Thursday, between the hours of 9:00am-1:00pm.  To set up your appointment, you may either e-mail us at Genealogy or call us at (262) 548-7863. We will allow no more than 2 researchers in our research area at one time. We recommend scheduling appointments at least two weeks in advance.

Historical documents maintained in the office and accessible to the general public are listed below:

• Property owership deeds
• Mortgages
• Birth records
• Death records
• Marriage records
• Religious societies

The earliest registration dates for the above are as follows:

Birth:        1860
Death:       1872
Marriage:  1846

To inquire if a birth, marriage, or death record is available in our office, please email [email protected] with your request. Please limit your request to no more than 5-10 names and dates at a time. Search requests are limited to Waukesha County only for the following dates:

  • Birth records:        1860 – 1906
  • Marriage records:     1846 – 1906
  • Death records:        1872 – August 2013



     1. Vital Records research may be done between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Tuesday – Thursday by appointment only. Please contact our office at [email protected] or (262) 548-7863 to schedule an appointment.

     2. No more than 4 researchers will be admitted to the research area at one time.

     3. All researchers must register with the Vital Records staff and may sign out no later than the research period end times listed above.

     4. Register of Deeds staff has first priority use of all indexes and records to conduct their daily business.

     5. Staff will retrieve research documents and all research documents must be returned to the staff.  If a researcher wishes to purchase a document copy, the staff can provide the researcher with the appropriate application.

     6. Researchers must use only pencils when documenting information.  Do not place your work sheet on top of an open book, as pressure marks from the pencil will transfer onto the document.

     7. No cameras, cell phones, recording devices, scanners, food or drinks are allowed in the research area.  Researchers must obtain approval from the Register of Deeds to use a laptop in the research area.

     8. All document books must remain in the research area.  Do not write, alter, mutilate or destroy any records or index.  Do not remove pages from books.

     9. Please be respectful to others and work quietly.

   10. Researchers should report any damages to documents or inappropriate searching.

   11. Please remember that the materials are old and delicate.  Researchers should have clean hands, use care and be gentle with the documents.

   12. If a researcher requires staff assistance, the researcher must wait in line to ensure all customers are served in order.

   13. For more information, please consult our genealogy information pamphlet.

For additional genealogy resources, see the Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association.

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