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Public Access - Waukesha County Ordinance Disclaimer

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In accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin, including the open records laws under Chapter 19 of the statutes: Waukesha County government provides access to public records. It is the intent of Waukesha County government to provide access to certain public records in an electronic format via the Internet as a service to the community, while protecting the privacy interests of citizens in the community, if possible. No information will be provided via the Internet that is not otherwise made available to the public at or by Waukesha County government offices.

In the instance of land information, names of property owners shall be available via the Internet when attached to individual, identifiable land parcels. At this time, the ability to search for properties by owner name will not be provided, as the limited need for this service does not counter related privacy concerns.

Approved by Waukesha County Board of Supervisors November 12, 2002.

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