• Waukesha County Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteering with the Waukesha County Park System is a great opportunity for individuals and companies to enjoy the outdoors while giving back to the community in various ways. Project needs vary depending on the time of year and the current projects going on within the Park System. In general, the need is for natural land management work involving basic hand tools (shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes, etc).

    More Information:

  • Park Opportunities - Available throughout the Waukesha County Park System

    • Cut and Dab
    • Digging and Potting Plants
    • Invasive Species Control
    • Native Seed Cleaning/Collecting
    • Seeding New Plantings 
    • Park Clean Up
    • Retzer Nature Center Special Events
  • (In the Areas of Interest/Additional Comments, please add number of participants, desired date of project, number of hours available, type of project preferred, and park location preferred. We also request that we be contacted at least a month in advance of desired date for group projects, to allow time for coordination and gathering of appropriate project materials.)